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UFC Takedown got … taken down!

You know, I’m starting to feel unloved here. All around me people are being sued by Zuffa, yet I haven’t even been contacted by their lawyers. I got really excited yesterday when someone served me with papers, but that was just about something between Loretta Hunt and me. Something private. And sexual. And possibly federal.

Today’s lawsuit (or rather last week’s … sorry I’ve been dealing with a bad rash) involves the website Apparently the naughty boys over there were posting up youtube and dailymotion videos of UFC fights. And while there’s nothing technically illegal about that, there’s also apparently nothing illegal about crushing small websites with the threat of a long and expensive lawsuit either.

So on account of all those murky linking laws and murky intellectual property laws, decided to move over to where the UFC’s team of lawyers will obviously never find them again. They aren’t the only ones who have packed up their bags and moved off their UFC URLs … UFC Countdown is now Fight Countdown and of course UFC Junkie is now known as MMA Junkie. No word on if I get a refund for my shirt, which I now just use as a doggie-pad for my Collie when she’s on her period.

Me? I’m getting a bit pissed off that I can’t get a fucking lawsuit thrown my way. So we’ll be moving to this weekend. Well, we would be if the UFC stopped fucking around and crushed the rest of their competition. Just like in Highlander, there can only be one. Until then I guess we’ll just stay here and think of more inventive ways to get sued. Maybe if we started talking shit about Xyience?

  • kentyman

    Is having “UFC” in the domain really trademark infringement? How about

  • DJ Hapa

    Hey Fightlinker. We need a post about how the UFC is screwing over the fans on the east coast with that lousy UFC 78 card. First the bloggers, now the fans get screwed.

  • intenso

    The UFC doesn’t want a bunch of “fans” doing “free” “marketing” for them every day.

  • fightlinker

    New Jersey gets what it deserves! If I was in charge they’d just release a huge wave of AIDS gas into the arena and that’d be it.

  • fightlinker

    And if by free advertising you mean giving away their product for free, then yah they don’t like that very much

  • DJ Hapa

    “New Jersey gets what it deserves! If I was in charge they’d just release a huge wave of AIDS gas into the arena and that’d be it.”

    Screw you, you bastard!

    On second thought, AIDS gas would be better than Rashad v Tito.

  • Mr. Theplague

    Does Dana go through “the quickening” every time he crushes a UFC site? That would be cool.


    No comment.


  • steve24

    I wouldn’t really call it ” giving away their product”, I would call it “promoting their product”.

    Maybe if would update their site with real fighter news instead of a bunch of newspaper articles from all over the country, then their wouldn’t be so many UFC sites.

  • marshal

    The WWF trademark thing still annoys me more than the UFC one.

  • intenso

    It’s so shortsided to jihad against youtube clips. That’s the kind of stuff that builds your fan base. If I’m a newish fan and I see Chuck Liddell might fight some foreigner named Wandy or whatever, if I could go on youtube and see how badass he was, maybe I buy the PPV.

    Being able to watch a fight in a tiny window on my computer isn’t going to impact how many DVDs, PPVs, and live event tickets ANYBODY buys.

    Plus how can it be BAD to have 10-15 blogs/websites/whatever with your brand in their name. Those blogs make your brand name synonymous with an entire sport!

  • steve24

    intenso: LoL, some foreigner named Wandy. Go on or just type in Wanderlei Silva video in google or yahoo. You’ll see who he is and will order the fight.

  • intenso

    Steve…I said “IF I’m a newish fan…”

    I know who Wanderlei Silva is.

  • garth-san

    wow, miss the freaking point about wanderlei already. the average density of people is kind of surprising sometimes.
    I’m not getting the event tonight. boring. my friend’s birthday party sounds like more fun. and yes, i’ve blown off birthday parties for UFC events before. hell, i blew off a birthday party for a fucking BODOG event once.

  • John Chandler

    I think the shark in the back is receiving head.