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UFC83 Live Play by Play

Yours truly will be liveblogging UFC83 from ringside for Fighters Only Magazine – that means from start to finish, undercard to overcard the a la carte, we will have it all for you!

Go here starting at 8PM EST for the standard wacky fun.

  • Dangerfield

    damn dude you big time

  • stink47

    £20 on franklin & £3 on Serra

  • Accomando

    As of 7:15 Central time, all it says under the link you provided is:…. False


  • Sheldon

    Weird now there is no mention of the live results on the website at all. I hope Ryan didn’t break their site.

  • aaron

    fuck around!

    I guess Fighters Only just wasn’t ready for the flood of attention fightlinker would bring. I hate being at work right now…

  • fightlinker

    Hello from the floor!

    Here’s the play by play!

  • aaron

    Yeah! go FL!

  • aaron

    I am a fucking pest!!!

    this is what I get for clicking the link:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getPubDate() on a non-object in D:\sites\\www\news\viewarticle.php on line 34

  • aaron
  • Wu Tang

    The commentery sucks. During teh Sterns and Quarry fight, they mentioned all the contenders for the number one spot. They overlooked that Okami holds that spot. WTF. I guess they are doing a scew job to Okami! How can Quarry be even NEAR teh picture to fight Anderson? They named EVERYoNE who is top besides Okami, wtf, Okami deserves to fight Silva, not Quarry, Marqueart, Franklin, Lutter or anyone else, BUT okami!!! FUCk

  • Atom

    I didn’t get to see Maia’s triangle, but from the quick replay they showed on the telecast, it looked like Herman had been KO’d by the punches. Was that not the case?

    Just seemed weird that a T/KO was getting sub of the night.

  • fightlinker

    Nah, he was out from the triangle, 99% sure

  • Chuck

    the play by play was pretty tame compared to the hillarity of the normal FL style. likes like you sold out! or maybe you just bought in!

  • mike o

    play by play was ok, but if you are going to write it straight (no humor) make sure you try to capture the excitement of the event and the crowd – which you did occasionally at points, but could be done a bit more. gj, hope you keep that gig.

  • fightlinker

    thanks guys. The first half was pretty hard to keep up with because i was juggling tech problems and trying to live-blog so it was uber stress and crazy. Overall live-blogging when you’re … live … is actually harder than when you’re not. Other than the crowd cheering like crazy, there wasn’t a lot else to say :-p