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UFC’s Accusations of Pussitude Succeed, Jose Aldo Willing to Fight Anthony Pettis at 155

UFC’s Accusations of Pussitude Succeed, Jose Aldo Willing to Fight Anthony Pettis at 155

UFC President Dana White recently accused Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo’s manager Andre Pedeirneras of making the fighter look like a pussy. I don’t normally get behind these types of accusations, but Pedeirneras demanded that Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis vacate his title and move down to 145 pounds to fight Aldo in order for Pedeirneras to apologize for accusing Pettis of faking an injury. Allegedly, this injury was faked by Pettis to avoid fighting Aldo when the matchup was first arranged. This accusation by Pedeirneras is on par with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell accusing players of lying after they end up on the Injured Reserve list, then demanding that they cut weight before next season so that they can switch from playing linebacker to safety.

Therefore, in this situation, it’s actually hard to find fault with Dana’s perspective that the comments of Aldo’s manager make the fighter look bad. And, in a development that should surprise no one, the purse strings now seem to have been tugged in favor of a matchup more favorable to Pettis. The “these pussies need to stop whining and fight” argument has won out, and Aldo is now willing to fight Pettis at 155 pounds:

“Between fighting Pettis at 155 or fighting him at 145, something that’s he’s not used to do, of course I’d rather fight him at 145,” Pederneiras said. “If we don’t need to vacate our featherweight title to fight for the lightweight belt, we accept the fight. Aldo will be Pettis’ next challenger for the lightweight title if that’s what the UFC wants.”

“I believe now we will see Pettis returning his lightweight belt and moving down to fight Aldo at 145 (pounds),” Pederneiras tweeted in Portuguese. “We’re waiting for Dana’s call to set the fight for the featherweight title, and (waiting for) Pettis to return his lightweight belt.”

“The only thing I want is equal rights,” he wrote. “We were not the ones who left the fight in Rio, and I want to see (Pettis) make 145. This fight will happen, don’t worry. We just want equal rights to the Brazilians.”

The idiocy of Pedeirneiras’ constant talk about fighters voluntarily returning belts makes my eyes glaze over and my mind explode with wonderment about how such a nincompoop can be given a job as a prominent manager of MMA fighters. At no point has the UFC ever suggested that a champion vacate his title in order to switch weight classes; in fact, a single fighter unifying two UFC titles would be a strong promotional storyline that could alleviate some of the PPV buyrate doldrums that have plagued some of Aldo’s recent fights.

Through all of this, Pedeirneras has done nothing but engage in crazy talk and weaken his own client’s bargaining position with the UFC, so it might behoove him to quiet down a bit after being unanimously downvoted on this issue. After all, he’s certainly no Ed Soares or Cesar Gracie as a manager, and he doesn’t even provide the amusing antics of a Tito Ortiz.

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    There’s way too much Dick on this site.

  • Jarman

    Well, someone’s gotta supply the content while Ryan’s being a filthy hippy. I wonder what state he’s stuck fixing his RV in now…

    Besides, dick seems to have stepped up in a good way. His writing has improved drastically. The only confusingly-worded section was quoted from Pedeneiras, and that’s as it should be. When a manager is talking such obtuse bullshit, you’re always best leaving it in his own words, or the garbage that a cheap translation site gives.

    Yeah, cause Pettis is going to just give up the title he just won in spectacular fashion…talking about ridiculous special treatment for his fighter while labeling it as ‘equal rights’. What a fucking tool. I was kinda hoping to see Aldo step up in weight and challenge for the LW title….now, I kinda wanna see Pettis drop and take the FW strap.

    Either way, I wanna see that fight. And andre seems like an impediment more than an enabler.

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    Is this the third article vaguely referencing pussy?

    Do you read fightlinker before posting shit?