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Ultimate Ball Rules, Bro

Seems like they are promoting Tits ‘n Ass more than the dumbass sport. Notice the “ultimateball” on said ball is written with Sharpie. Clearly working with a highly professional organization (or an April Fools joke). The sound is so bad I had to check my sound card drivers were ok.

Special thanks to Letibleu for the find. A much better video after the jump!!!

  • nem0

    Is that the O Fortuna remix Submerged did for James Thompson’s fight with Kimbo Slice?


    Sorry for asking a real question of people who probably don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about instead of saying something funny. Um…HURR, BALLS.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Sorry for asking a real question

    “Real question?”  Condescending and delusional.  You should comment more often.

  • Reverend Clint

    there are to be no real questions asked here.

  • Jarman

    as there are no real answers to be found around here.

    besides that’s a pretty obscure question….a song in a ‘far off the mainstream path’ genre, done as a remix for a shitty fight 4 years ago? good luck. Link the video in Dogs on Acid, someone might know there. or try n find some clip of that section of the PPV, n try matching it up yourself. But as far as I know, hyan likes techno, electro n house, phoenix is into hard tech, gabber and anything else ridiculous, and then there me, who still listens to dnb but fell outta touch when dubstep (pre-excision) showed up. That’s about it for jackals who don’t hate electronic music, so you were kinda barking up the wrong tree.

  • G Funk


    This is still THE ONLY really funny parody these guys have done.

  • Reverend Clint

    I eat trash!

  • Savageless

    I was at UCMMA in London tonight and they has the first Ultimate Ball ‘championship’. 10 guys in MMA gloves on 2 teams playing netball in the cage with a rugby ball. No fighting.

    Brazil 2016.

    The ball was auctioned for charity for £450.  Bargain.



  • Letibleu

    did the ball come with the sharpie?

  • Jerome

    @TheTeamTakeover Awwww don’t sell out! Jones is good all, but when the finish didn’t come soon for him, he got dirty in a hurry. Like those 3 elwbos he landed in the GnP to Shogun’s throat (i’m pretty sure thats illegal), constantly having his fingers close to Shogun’s eyes making it harder to move your head around without getting poked of course the eye pokes that Herb didn’t catch.I’m not making excuses just saying he got all this talent yet but can never keep it clean.

  • kfxckctjo

    DCeedS mmjbtuddhxer