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UNLEASH A MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last week we spent a bit of time making some promo clips for our radio show. Just in case you can’t stand the Low Blow, we’ve decided to make them available here for you!

Fightlinker Commercial – Unleash A Monster
If you’ve ever listened to FighOpinion Radio, you’ll love this one

Fightlinker Movie Preview – Hard to Knock Down
This is a tribute to every shitty mixed martial arts in the works right now

  • groda

    Those are seriously fuckin awesome!

    The fighter in the promo sounds just like Clint Eastwood. I would so watch that movie, especially if gay Sean Connery got a big part in it (what happened to him? he rules).

    I would also like you to start impersonating fighters on your show. Your next movie promo should feature Randy Couture in a delightful romantic comedy or something, make sure to use the phrase “he blew his load” and “he has a cunt on his face”.

  • Matthew Watt

    Great promos guys, awesome shit. I especially like the “Unleash a MONSTER!!!”.

  • Matt

    I have now trained my wife to say “Unleash a MONSTER” every time my wife see’s my penis.

  • RoB

    I’m Pretty sure the WWE already made that probably stared jon cena.

  • ted dibiase

    i commented on these when the low blow was “unleashed”

    so ill let these band wagon jumpers brown nose for now.