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Urijah Faber wants revenge

Theres so much talk about guys moving up weight classes to challenge other people that I’m surprised no one’s mentioned Urijah Faber. Well, now he’s mentioning himself:

“I’d definitely like to avenge the loss, of course,” said Faber, who secured the WEC’s 145-pound title in March 2006. “It’s my only blemish. At this time, it’s something that could happen in the future. We’re both pretty young in the sport.”

Faber (18-1) and Griffin (11-1) compete in different organizations, but they’re both under the Zuffa LLC umbrella. However, UFC president Dana White has long maintained that the two organizations would operate independently. A few UFC fighters have been sent to the WEC, but there’s been no talk of a co-promoted show or WEC vs. UFC “superfights” anytime in the future.

For what it’s worth, Faber said he’s willing to jump up a weight class if means getting Griffin as an opponent. The UFC doesn’t currently have a 145-pound weight class, and Griffin fights as a 155-pounder in the UFC.

“I wouldn’t have a problem going up to 155,” he said. “We were actually supposed to do it one time before [Griffin] went into the UFC.”

It’s kinda interesting that he’s talking specifically about taking on Griffin and only Griffin – no mention of wanting to take out the best at 155 or anything else like that. Which would be nice … it’d actually be kinda refreshing to have a dominating champion who’s happy sticking around in his own weight class. Besides, the featherweight division needs Faber to help it grow and gain legitimacy. I don’t know how well that would work if he moved up in weight and got tooled by half the UFC’s 155 pound division.

  • clint notestine

    I hope Pulver severely disfigures Faber and his ass chin.

  • DannyP72

    Not gonna happen bucko


    Dammit, Danny, let us keep the dream alive!

  • clint notestine

    I know in my mind its not gonna happen but I can dream

  • DannyP72

    Is it you hate Faber or you love Jens?

    Because I can’t see any reason to hate Faber unless your dog was killed by a surfer dude

  • clint notestine

    I like Pulver and hate butt chins so Faber by proxy. Also Urijah isn’t a real name.

  • godzillad

    I’m a huge fan of Faber and Tyson, but Urijah is frightened to hell of Grififn. Remember that shit he pulled at the weigh ins? Pussy to the max.

  • P W

    Urijah, isn’t that the name of a character in Lord of The Rings?

  • I signed up for Fightliner!

    I do not think this is a good idea the only positive is he win’s but think of all the downfall’s of your champ losing and then going back to the WEC.