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Vacation update!


(my view for a decent chunk of last week)

Hey guys! Sorry for the inconsistent posting over the past week – I have been driving across America in an RV on the way to Burning Man. Well … trying to drive across America in an RV – we made it to Iowa before the carburetor exploded and spent two days in a really cool local guy’s field trying to get the damn thing going again.

Before leaving on this magical voyage I picked up a T-Mobile internet hotspot gadget, but my Canadian ignorance didn’t factor in 1) T-Mobile being the most epic piece of shit phone company in America and 2) So much of America seeming to have no digital signal at all. So instead of cruising across the country updating Fightlinker like a pimp from the back of an RV, I have been hanging out with chickens and roosters and no internet whatsoever in Tipton Iowa.

But worry not! I will be punching someone from T-Mobile in the face before picking up a new hotspot device from Verizon or something (why does evil always have the best infrastructure?) for the ride home. I will most likely return full time for September 3rd. But for this coming week and the next, our good pal Dan Brooks from Combat Blog will be returning to make sure you have something new and interesting to read every day while I am out wandering the playa naked. Well, naked except for some snakeskin boots. And a couple others may get in on the fun too.

  • drunkenjunk

    Do you cook meth in this rv?

  • Jarman

    That RV needs some snarlin teeth, WWII spitfire style. Hope you got some kind of AC up in there (ha! not likely), shit’s gonna be hot.

    Very jealous you’re makin the burn. I gotta work, so no go, but I woulda gone with some best friends and their dad. The people at 3:00 and H are the best!

    Just learn from my dumbass rookie move…do not, I repeat, DO NOT get on a trampoline. It only ends in crutches, and while art cars are amenable to picking up cripples, it gets old fast. Burn on, Hyan! I’m there in spirit.

  • #1Jackal

    DAMN HIPPIES! what states are you planning on going through?

  • fiznap

    Burning Man?

    I didn’t know that it was still going.

    Did I accidentally get in a time machine and end up in 1998?

  • writebastard

    Hah! You were stranded 10 miles north of me. Enjoy scenic Tipton.

  • fightfan

    I thought Burning Man was in Alaska? Is there more than 1? I just remember watching Alaska State Troopers arrest a bunch of people every year.