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Violence from Japan looks 50% more violent

Daniel Herbertson gets in on the ‘Best of’ shenanigans with his best photos from 2010. If you needed any proof that Japan was still the Wild West of MMA, look no further than his gallery which was packed to the tits with shots of blood, severed ears (not Sakuraba’s), teeth fragments, and unconscious opponents.

  • G Funk

    What the hell us going on with this guy’s left pectoral?

  • glassjawsh

    ^that’s a hand bro

  • frickshun


    Like the Fukida pic!!

  • Reverend Clint

    i thought this was some kinda new bloody bukkake pic

  • sandstorm

    watch the video of the fight that lead to that picture. its ridiculous, crazy violent. it goes to show that mma needs the cage. seriously go watch it!!!

  • P W

    About Uchiyama who lost half his ear in a a fight: “Uchiyama kept fighting as though nothing happened but you could tell that he was aware of the injury as he was circling away from the referee to hide his ear.”

    That’s bad ass!

    “He is back in the gym but has not fought since. He was trying to keep his fighting career a secret from his employer.”

    I guess when you show up at work with body parts missing the cat is out of the bag.

  • Slappy san

    That fight was fucking awful.

  • Ricky

    Silva is going to lose so GSP doesn’t fight him. in the other hand bj penn will destroy fitch and fight gsp and win and bomece the p4p best.

  • rfjkeu

    MA0U7y ernnauxhamsz