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Vitor’s wife is hot (even after childbirth)

For those of you with kids (what a terrifying thought), you’ll know that women usually aren’t at the hight of hotness after passing a baby out their sex hole. Honestly, I have no idea how they do it … women are always telling me “Oh no Fightlinker … it’s just too big! Oh god, it’s just too big!” But yet they still manage to give birth. Sure, there’s occasional vaginal tearage and um death n stuff. But still.

Anyways, back on point: Vitor Belfort’s wife still manages to look like a supermodel (the hot 90’s kind, not the weirdo skeleton bitches they have now) right after giving birth. I really have nothing else to say on this topic, other than congrats to Vitor … P.S. wash your greasy hair.

  • Audacity

    I’ve been there, my friend. I was having sex with three women and not a single one of them would shut up about it being too big.

  • rpw229

    Whats with vitor’s MJ glove?

  • Jonathan

    Congrats to Vitor, and that picture is not RIGHT after the baby was born…it was cleaned up some and apparently, so was she. Still, she is a hot MILF!

  • intenso

    oh if only women could dilate their cervix at will, they could accommodate the mighty cocks of fightlinker

  • fightlinker

    Hehe … I like the idea of plural cocks. But yet again Japan has me beat:

  • Mr. Theplague

    The doctor tried to get Vitor to cut the chord, but Vitor hesitated and just stood there bobbing and weaving. You never know which Vitor will show up to childbirth.

  • marshal

    Just wait, her eyes might be crossed.