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Vote for your favorite

Here’s a poll that was originally sitting on the Fatal Femmes Fighting’s website … just thought I’d give it a bit more visibility by putting it here. Of course, I’m not going to taint the results by coaching you guys on who to vote for. I’ll leave that difficult decision up to you!

FFF Fighters
Who is your Favorite Fighter?

Lisa Ward   Roxanne Modafferi

Jen Case

Crystal Harris

Sofie Bagherdai

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  • asa

    Naw, thats not lop-sided at all. :)

  • kentyman

    Long names are my favorite!

  • x5BoltMainx

    Geeks rule!!!

  • Big D D


  • Amy Robinson

    Uh, could that poll be anymore biased? Really, on this site who did you think people were gonna pick?

  • koolpaw

    dAAAAAmmmNNN !!! i need to find another proxy server … oh wait? Roxy already got 75% of votes ?

    i feel sorry for Lisa Ward the best 105 pounder of the world

    a bit =P

  • Roxy

    wow, hah.

    Thanks for the biased votes. >:D

  • fightlinker

    They asked who we thought was best! If the other fighters want to see if they can scrounge over a hundred people to vote for them, they’re free to try