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Wallpaper Anyone?

With all the changes we’ve made recently, I completely forgot to upload our Fightlinker desktop wallpaper. I mean, other than the fact that maybe only 20 people actually give a shit about this, we were busy, alright!

I made two versions for you guys; a normal resolution one, and one for you wide-screen freaks. Finally, you can have everyone’s favorite smiling Jackal on your desktop. It’s so exciting, I can feel my balls tingling… enjoy!

  • ukiro

    Not that I’d use this, but 1280×800 – wtf? Is canada still in 2001?

  • el feo

    dave chappelle as r. kelly, holding the toilet seat over the girl’s face….this is and shall remain my wallpaper…
    i miss his show, but if you saw the “lost episodes” you know why he quit when he did.

  • BoshyClaus

    This has to be one of the gayest wallpapers of all time.

  • ajadoniz

    those are cute, but can you help us with some source files so that we can share our ideas?

  • intenso

    yeah I agree with the above…those are neat but can I have the jackal so I can make my own?

  • kentyman

    Give those jackals an SVG they can play with.