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Wanderlei Silva doesn’t sound like he’s about to quit


This heartwarming 9 minute video serves one major purpose: to let everyone know that Wanderlei Silva has no interest in hanging up the gloves any time soon. Play a drinking game: take a shot every time someone says some variety of ‘it’s not how you win, it’s how you lose.’ It’s fun being shitfaced at 11AM in the morning! It takes the sting out of imaging Wand in 5 years with all sorts of messed up brain problems.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Fighters in the MW division that I would bet on Wanderlei beating mercilessly:

    * Royce Gracie

    * Demian Maia (who Wandy almost certainly won’t fight)

    That is all.

    Anyone else in the division and it could be bad news for Wanderlei’s brain. I’m not saying the axe murderer couldn’t win a fight against any other middleweights, I just don’t think he should be hit in the head ever again and anyone else in the division could at least rattle his cage a few times.



  • CAP

    Wand needs the old rules.

  • frickshun

    Wand looks good in a bowtie.