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Wanderlei Silva hits Las Vegas

Just an FYI for y’all: Wanderlei Silva is done with Florida and is now relocating to Sin City:

At first, the idea was to set up a training structure in Palm Springs, Florida. The desire to completely adapt to the UFC, however, caused Wand to leave Thea and Thor in Disney World’s home state for the time being and move with his physical trainer Rafael Alejarra to the fight sport’s world capital.

“Training here is different, it is at a higher elevation, with a drier climate. Lots of people fool themselves by thinking they just need to show up and fight. I’m doing my best to grow as a fighter and a person. I’m still getting my life here together, looking for a place to live, and soon my wife and son will be here with me,” said Wanderlei Silva to

  • garth

    I’d be concerned…if you beat Wand, his son may come after you with the magic hammer Mjolnir, and bash your head into a paste.

  • Ted Dibiase

    wanderlei looks a lot older than ppl claim he is

    he better put on a good show

  • Swedish guy

    Mjölner hammer FTW!

    Anyway, that seems to be what the swedish version of uneducated lowlife rednecks think, running around town at 30th of november beating up immigrants of all sorts, with Thors hammer around their neck and dressed in “Sweden – land of the vikings”-shirts, like this one:

  • Pontus

    Thats one sweet looking image.. Dont talk shit about our people swedish guy when the gaijin is reading.

  • Thomas

    In other words seeing his buddy Shogun completly gas out scared the shit out of him and now he wants to stay in Vegas to get used to the climate

  • fightlinker

    weeeeell … this article is pre UFC76 … as I said in another post, I’m in the middle of catching up on news

  • Hywel Teague

    Mjolnir is also the name of a kickass MMA club in Reykjavik, Iceland

  • Swedish guy

    I think Mjolnir is the icelandic name for Mjölner, you know, we share the same ancient mythology — odin, mjölner, thor, ask, embla, yggdrasil — the whole lot.