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Wanna book Bob Sapp? Here’s how!

Bob Sapp continues his media tour of shame, this time appearing on Crooklyn and Evan Shoman’s excellent TapOut Radio show. At first I was a bit confused as to why Bob was agreeing to these interviews, since it ends up being a lot of questions like ‘Why are you throwing fights?’ and ‘Do you have no shame?’

The answer to the second question is obviously no, because seems to me like Bob is using these appearances as advertisements for his patented Super Deluxe Sapp Time Jobbing Package:

Interviewer: How are things going with your career?

Bob Sapp: I have been on a losing streak. That’s right, I’ve lost maybe seven or ten of them, perhaps even more, but I still manage to sell out every stadium and do more than every one of the promotions, all around the world. Only a total of four times, has The Beast ever fought in the United States, and I’m still making…last month it was $200,000 and the month before that was $300,000. I’m still making over a million dollars a year.

Interviewer: How much per fight do you make?

Bob Sapp: Between 30-40 thousand dollars per event. Every card they put The Beast on, the fans come, and it allows the other fighters an opportunity to make some money. I will also that every fighter has given me so much respect, and said, ‘Thank you, Bob, for coming. I know you have a difficult schedule.’

Interviewer: What are your requirements and bare minimum or bottom line to take a fight?

Bob Sapp: This depends on the location of the fights. If you look at some of my fights, they’re back to back. ONe will be on Saturday, the other on Sunday. Sometimes they’re a week apart. It may be kickboxing, it may be MMA. If the countries I’m fighting in are close together, they (the promotions) will sometimes split the cost of my plane ticket, 50/50. That helps keep their costs down.

Bottom line costs a first class, round trip ticket, or business class, but most of the time, it’s first class. That gets you what’s called a “Sappy” video. That’s basically me talking about the opponent, and it’s basically a commercial for the promotion. They’ve done quite well, and are quite popular. You’re basically looking at a 30 thousand to 40 thousand dollar range to get The Beast into an arena.

Interviewer: What is your criteria for choosing a promotion to fight for?

Bob Sapp: For me to even do the announcement that I’ll fight for them, it’s an automatic 10-15 thousand dollars down deposit. Period. Don’t ask for a Mercedes if you only got money for a Bug. That’s what it is, and there are no exceptions to that. When I get there, the rest of the money is due. Period.

Bob also admits that some promoters have basically scripted his fights. Crom weeps, sir. He weeps. Fortunately, Sapp thinks he’s only going to keep up with this charade for another year or so. Maybe in that time a promoter will put him up against someone capable of blasting him into another dimension before he’s able to stop drop and go fetal. Now that might be worth 30 grand.


    Good for him. Hope his taxes are in order.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I have to admit something:  I admire his honesty.

  • Reverend Clint

    fuck it if people are dumb enough to pay for him to “fight” then let them pay.

  • Reverend Clint

    he certainly isnt harming anybody

  • Omomatta

    I’ll hold off until he’s booking kid’s birthday parties.  Then it’s on!!!!!!!!

  • Jarman

    Ok, there’s some honesty…..but he’s lying to himself using a metaphor of a mercedes. At best, he’s a kit viper built onto a Neon’s frame and engine. Complete with aftermarket cardboard spoiler and intake. It ain’t fooling anyone anymore.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Same article was on bloody elbow yesterday, so many guys were upset that ol Bobby Sapp was out there pulling 6 figures a year jobbing it up overseas.

    Some went as far as to link the Sean Salmon fight throwing incident as proof that what Sapp does is illegal. Unfortunately they forgot that Sapp fights overseas where those laws do not apply.
    As for Sapp, I can’t knock his hustle and the promoters share at the very least half of the blame.
    Like I said on the bloody elbow article comment section. What is more important:
    Being remembered as a legend?
    Being able to remember?

  • iamphoenix

    it would be so legit if he fought brocked lesnuur on wessle mania.

  • Reverend Clint

    Being remembered as a legend?
    Being able to remember? 

    but he really doesnt take much damage since he quits so fast

  • ButtHorn

    I’d like to appear on Crooklyn.

    (And then disappear before the police show up.)

  • Giallo

    fuck off

  • ButtHorn


  • Giallo

    ^ is that a italian canadian

  • Pandi

    division. At 8-0 he is definitely a fimaodrble opponent. He reminds us of Rashad Evans and Lyoto Machida in their quest to the championship. Jon Jones is a young gun, currently only 21 years old, but he

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