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Who Wants a Fightlinker Chat for Tonight’s UFC?

Who Wants a Fightlinker Chat for Tonight’s UFC?

The chat for Wednesday night had about two people in it. Do you guys want one set up for tonight? Or should I just get someone to post a play-by-play?

  • glassjawsh

    no one shows up because hanging around here makes them sad

    the only reason to even visit this place is to remind you of how terrible you are

    and even that is getting old

  • Jim Genia

    I can’t tell if that’s a “yes” to the chat or a “no” to the chat. You have issues with effective communication, friend-o.

  • Nathan MacKay

    I think you should set it up. If only two people show up, so be it. At least you did your job. What happened with Ryan? I know he is gone but am not sure as to why he left. Perhaps a good idea for your next article.
    Keep up the good fight brother, someday you will be a beautiful butterfly and everything will be better.

  • BallsOnYourFace

    What happened to the two original guys? You know, the ones who you had to do a lot of research to find if they were atheists?

  • Nick. R Salavery

    Yeah don’t give up man, the problem is that most of the writters here are just not funny and there are about 2-3 retards who think they are special who make up a little “comment mafia” and try and scare new commentators away.

    This site was actually pretty funny back in the days of shitdog and FEDOR but the problem is that the new writters are trying to relive those days instead of giving us new and fresh content.

    What this website needs is to be darring, I want to see you guys do a paradody of the MMA fans of today – take the flame thrower to the bloody elbows and bleacher reports out there and don’t be apolagetic.

  • Nick. R Salavery

    this guy right here is part of the comment mafia

  • iamphoenix

    I hope I’m included in this comment mafia group. I’ve said a lot of things. I thought when Ryan said he wasn’t writing for fightlinker anymore I thought he meant that the site wouldn’t exist. Pull the fucking plug, this place is not the real fightlinker!!