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Jackal Scottie G sent me this video of a dude named ” target=”_blank”>Dan Quinn calling out Kimbo Slice. While I’m sure Kimbo is more concerned with Brett Rogers at the moment, but there’s just something magical in the way Dan “tells it like it is” (translation: is racist). The video above is the latest video, where Quinn sets up an imaginary situation where he and Kimbo are in jail and Dan Quinn is gay and Dan Quinn fucks Kimbo in the ass every night. But Dan Quinn isn’t gay. Get it???

  • No YAMMA No Life

    Does he have eyes?

  • CagePotato/BG

    Best viral marketing campaign ever…WAR STEVIA!!!

  • Jemaleddin

    Wait, okaay? *if* he’s gay? Okay? I’m, okay? pretty sure that, okay? he’s completely gay, okay?

  • Dan

    Is he filming himself in a public restroom? This guy is hilarious. Stevia plus H2O equals cold fission!
    Check out the video where he calls out Frank Mir and Carter Williams.

  • x5BoltMainx

    Please die.

  • MacDaddy

    Make happen, Gary Shaw!!

  • kwagnuth

    Well at least Kimbo fought in his videos.

  • fightfan

    That was painful to watch. Who the fuck is this old, I am now 40 and think I’m a bad ass, clown? ADD and ADHD were not a problem 20 years ago, nowadays everyone and their mother’s got it along with ego problems

  • Scottie G

    Actually, this guy used to be a real MMA fighter

    The guy went 3 rounds with Jason Lambert, and lost to Frank Mir + Carter Williams

    I encourage all Jackals to view all his Youtube videos, everyone is classic….from fighting 5 guys at once to the secret of giving a girl multiple orgasms


  • Giantoooo Shilbaaa

    ahh right hes not gay i get it now