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  • Ryan

    Bloody hell

  • MacDaddy

    He-man vs Beastor

  • chris

    Clay is my hero. He should be in the Movies

    Alien Vs. Predator Vs. Clay

    He would own them! with his hair alone!

  • Thomas Larsen

    TOTALLY agree. Best fight in a loooong time! :)

  • Jonathan

    I agree…I saw this on the television and knew that we were in for an awesome round.

    Fight of the year in my opinion.

  • Random Acts Of Kindness

    I completely agree with FL that Guida needs to drop a weightclass and go layeth the smack down on possibly bi-curious Urijah Faber.

  • jd

    Did anyone else notice that Bruce said it was a welterweight bout?

    Also, I thought Big John retired? whats the dilly?

  • fightlinker

    that was his last match. He’s retired now

  • jd

    Thats one hell of a last match. Most high caliber matches end up in disappointment. This one could easily be one of the best matches of the year.

  • Jersey Tomato

    #2 fight after the Diaz/Gomi rumble (in my humble opinion).

    Tremendous fight, though. Both fighters reputations grew after this one was over. Guida gave it all he had and could easily have come away a winner had Huerta not exhibited the heart of a lion.

  • Amy Robinson

    they look like posessed. i love it!

  • Leland Roling

    LOL, Guida needs to get a Hollywood agent and be cast in Rob Zombie movies. Werewolf in London Redux.

  • CrazySpic

    shit like this is why i love MMA

  • Accomando

    Guida is a f’ing Manimal.

  • Lifer

    guida was robbed.

  • Wu Tang


  • dignan

    I honestly can’t believe Huerta pulled it off….he took quite a beating before he got that lucky knee in.

  • vess

    This fight was definitely not going to a judge’s decision.

  • andres

    FUCK that if guida was so good he wouldn’t have lost
    Watever doesn’t matter they gave us wat WE wanted a fucking WAR!!!!

  • MMAStation

    Guida losing ruined my whole night. I for some reason just cant back Huerta and feel that the better fighter lost this night.

  • RL Dookiefuck

    you cockasses need to stop bellyaching whenever your favorite piece of man-meat loses, especially when the loss is in such a spectacular fight. I thought Huerta was an overrated race-card playing pretty boy canopener too until he gave Guida the business.

    also Fightlinker you need to give Wu Tang a regular guest column.

  • Archivist

    Guida is the MMA version of the Tazmanian Devil.
    Endearing fackin’ maniac indeed. Great animated gif !

  • Erin

    Goodness, that’s rather kinda hot.

  • S&M

    I’ve got a bo bo.

  • http://none Marc

    All Huerta haters can suck S&M’s bo bo (whatever that means). I am by no means a Huerta fanatic, but I do enjoy his fights and find him likeable as a person (in an entirely non-gay way). I also enjoy Guida’s fights and find him very entertaining. That said, this clip shows why Huerta won and why every lightweight out there should be afraid…very afraid. Just look at Huerta’s eyes. He was a completely different fighter in the 3rd. Guida pushed him to compete at a higher level, and if he comes out ready to fight at that level from the 1st round on in future fights (instead of just coasting for the first 2 rounds), he will own the lightweight division. Long live El Matador & the Carpenter!

  • ajadoniz

    whoa whoa whoa there, dignan. Lucky knee? it was only a matter of time after two rounds of telegraphed take downs. and also, it was two of them. lightning doesn’t strike twice, unless you’re a lightning rod or an unlucky chap.

  • fightlinker

    Guida certainly seems to have an anti-horseshoe up his ass

  • Clay Guido

    Roger Huerta has more heart than anyone in the UFC