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Was Josh Burkman in Sin City?


Because he certainly looks like “That Yellow Bastard” from the movie. Remember kids: If he can get with Arianny Celeste, then there’s hope for you. Well, if you’re a UFC fighter.

  • Rob2Kx

    The yellow bastard looks more like Lindland.

  • tertio

    Yellow bastard is not Burkman hes Matt Lindland

  • tertio

    Should always read the frist comments before posting one..

  • Accomando

    They spotted that yellow guy on mars.,4644,3165,00.html

  • hbdale309

    That yellow bastard is lutter from when he missed weight. remember that photo?

  • godzillad

    Better get my ass in the UFC then.

  • Zeppelin

    IMO, Yellow Bastard looks more like Joe Luazon than anyone else with those ears.

  • Audacity

    I thought he looked kinda like Jon Fitch.