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Watch Joe Rogan and James Thompson talk some mad shit about EliteXC

Joe Rogan did an interview with aspiring author (yep, that’s real life) James “The Colossus” Thompson on his podcast yesterday, going over Thompson’s career from that ripper with Aleks E. to the KSW judging fiasco in 2011.

Most interestingly though, tune in at the 1:31:00 mark to see James Thompson and Rogan talking about the how corrupt EliteXC was.  They  go through that hilarious fight with Kimbo Slice where Thompson’s ear exploded and Dan Miragliotta made his name by standing Thompson up from full side control and then stopping the fight really early the next round.

James also tells a great story about Jared “$kala” Shaw trying to personally take him to the hospital after the fight and then walking in on Gary Shaw bragging at the press conference about Kimbo sending Thompson to the hospital.

If you’re into the Rogan podcast, Dana White is going to be live on Thursday talking up Ronda Rousey or whatever.   Check it out.

  • kwagnuth

    Thompson would be so marketable if he actually had the skill or chin to make it to the UFC. I can’t remember whch promotion it was where they agreed to stay on there feet and he took the guy down and won. Then the audience started throwing chairs into teh cage and he was like fuck you to the fans. That was badass.