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Watch this kangaroo RNC his mate


Ready the Roo-simar Paul Harris jokes, here’s an oldie but a goodie from our friends down under.  Mixed martial arts in the animal kingdom is a beautiful thing, and if there’s one country that’s going to produce an animal contender capable of Sobral/Palhares hijinks, it’s Australia.

Thighs like Cro Cop, master of the Seagal front leg kick, and giving no fucks in regard to eye poking or the downed opponent rule, this kangaroo is also a not-so-humble submission expert:

“Shhhhhh, shhh… go to sleep, now.”

Note: Fear not, animal lovers!  Our loser here doesn’t take a permanent nap.

  • kwagnuth

    Pride rules.

    George should watch this he might remember how to finish.

  • rhymezbullet

    that was cool..but not as cool as the clip of that aussie kid ko’ing a kangeroo

  • El Duro

    There are reasons that civilized people dont pay attention to…
    those people…