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Watch Wanderlei Silva go after Chael Sonnen

Watch Wanderlei Silva go after Chael Sonnen

The last time Chael Sonnen got into mouthing off Wanderlei Silva, Wand got in his face and told him to show some goddamn hespect. You’d think Chael would have learned something from that encounter – ie Silva isn’t going to quietly take that shit. But that hasn’t stopped The West Linn Gangster from trashing The Axe Murderer every chance he gets, and this weekend it all came to a head at the Mr Olympia Expo in Las Vegas.

Not only did Wanderlei surprise Chael and get all up in his grill, he had a cameraman along to film the whole thing. And afterwards he had a rambly two minute rant that can be summed up in three major points:

1. I scared the fuck out of you today
2. I’m going to mess you up when we fight, for serious
3. I’m going to do it for My People

Sooooo. Does this mean they’re going to fight now? Sometime in the spring? Unless Rashad Evans beats Chael in November? Ugh why can’t I just go into a coma until this fucking thing happens.

On the plus side, this does give us enough time to potentially see several more Wand ambush videos.

  • Voice of Reason

    Chael via dryhump/sub.

    Wand does have a puncher’s chance though if he catches Chael quickly.

  • CAP

    Throw the rules out the window Wandy via head stomp, head stomp, head stomp.

    He’ll probably get wrestlefucked by Chael though.

  • fitdaws

    These “surprise” vids are getting lame ala WWWF!! Staged?? Most likely..

  • brent brookhouse

    Although I’d give him a better chance in a street fight, if Vanderlei is still trying to get a cagematch with Chael then he’s got more balls then good sense.
    Gorilla haymakers aside, thats probably the worst style matchup he could ask for.

    That is a cool ambush video though.
    How long since we’ve witnessed a “natural” reaction out of Chael?!

  • brent brookhouse

    @ fitdaws,
    I think its real.

    1.I dont remember Vanderlei ever having a sense of humor.

    2.They’ve never gotten along good enough to suddenly start planning skits together.

    And the look on Chaels face starts out kinda surprised, then looks half confused and half pissed off.

    I think it is what it looks like.
    No plan other then Vanderlei just spooking Chael and filming it.

  • drunkenjunk

    I like wandy but he needs to.stop.this shit. Chael will smash him with little effort.

  • kvelertak

    War Wand.

  • agentsmith

    As much as I’d like to see Silva knock Sonnen out, I’m picking Sonnen via 15-min dry-hump.

  • julsman

    Wandy’s punch drunk!! even brazilians are trying to figure out what he’s saying. Go MarbleMouth!!
    the only way he can win this is if he does his “head down windmill and gets lucky”. Oh yeah we’re is the 100k from the bet?