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Well, I felt so great about beating (nay, TROUNCING) CagePotato in the Ipecac bet that I went and got smashed on dollar Caronas and ended up puking anyways. Not to the degree that Ben is going to, but it was still unpleasant. The best bit about winning was that it validated my picks … for UFC84 I admit that I just followed my gut feeling and fucked up a couple of obvious picks (Koppenhaver over Yoshida? WTF).

A lot of you guys thought I was on drugs when I made my picks. Even after the event there were people over on CagePotato saying “You definitely had the better picks, Ben. Logic and intelligence will prevail over time- but not every time.” Well la dee da. This time I actually used my logic and intelligence to do some research … scary what I can accomplish when I put my brain to it, huh?

That puts the official score at Fightlinker 1, CagePotato 0. Now that our losing streak is over, perhaps it’s time to pick off one of the weaker BloodyElbow guys and redeem ourselves against them!

  • KhrisKiller

    My heart swells with pride! Way to go FL!!! I cant tell you how much I am looking forward to the vomitfest that will be from Cage Potato. How sweet it is. Muhahaha!

  • dignan

    Congrats on the victory, but a real man would own up to the tie and drink with him.

  • Carcass

    Erm, the whole point of the rematch was that it was a solution to the tie, numbnuts.

    How’s banning all of the UK going Jake? :P

  • minijackal

    Since you beat him so bad you should make him lick it up like the guy in the vid above.

  • Wu Tang

    I would not lick that up or try it… gross

  • Carcass

    For $1000, hell yes, I’d do that. I’d do a lot of things for that sort of money.

    …not those sorts of things though, you sick-minded bastard :P

  • Dangerfield

    Def go after Bloody Elbow.

  • dignan

    Hey Carcass, suck a dick.

    I understood the bet, but they both pussed out because a tie was a loss for both of them.

    They should still both drink.

  • garth

    no, you’re wrong dignan. a tie isn’t a loss. do you understand what “tie” means?

    (hint: it doesn’t mean “loss”)

  • Dan

    fucking hell does that shit really make you vomit like that?

  • minijackal

    That shit just doesn’t make you vomit you f’n blow chunks!

  • chunkycheese

    make the cagepotato guys puke into a bowl of some sort and bet on the next event to see who has to drink or lick the vomit

  • kentyman

    Good. UFC 84 wasn’t a “tie” anyway.

  • dignan

    To clear this up for all of you non sport bettors. There is a small window/chance, that a win/tie actually becomes a loss.

    This can be due to a point spread, or a small margin to give a slight advantage to the house/bookie.

    In this case it was a tie. I know the rules were not set in place, but nobody WON, so both actually LOST.

  • fightlinker

    We put the reasons for the rematch in the post after UFC 84 … if there’s a dubious last second rule change then we’re not likely to be able to find anyone to do bets like this in the future. While I’m sure you want to see more people doing more gross stuff now, is that worth never getting to see us drag another website into another bet like this?

  • kentyman

    Calling it a tie was the right thing to do, but only ’cause CP insisted upon it. But that’s exactly why I was hoping you’d (somehow?!) manage to kick his ass this time.

  • kentyman

    Ryan just informed me that it was a legit tie. I was confused from the comments here. Either way, I’m happy with the rematch results. :)

  • fightlinker

    Yeah there seems to be some confusion because of the Sok fight with Nakamura where the ref stopped the fights between round. I called it Sok / R1 / TKO and the official concensus was that it was a TKO 5:00 R1. So I did get the points from that bout, so yeah … it really was a tie the first time.