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Welcome back, Logan!

After an endless litany of fight cancellations for UFC 149, it was nice to see a few surprise additions to the card. Namely in the form of oldschool UFC ring girls Rachelle Leah and Logan Stanton. Rachelle wasn’t that huge of a surprise, she pops up from time to time and is in good standing with the company. Logan though … that was a shocker. She and fellow octo-hotty Natasha Wicks were unceremoniously fired following UFC 107 for reasons unknown.

Since then she’s been continuing to model for hoity toity upscale companies and even started her own line of jewelry. As for whether she’ll be returning for good or this is a limited time deal, who knows? I’ll let this post on her facebook wall indicate how relations are faring between her and the UFC:

  • TheBatmanFan


  • TheBatmanFan


    I could learn to live with it…

  • TheBatmanFan

    That bitch needs some love making, before she shrivels up into a stick…

  • TheBatmanFan

    There’s not a lot of meat on there…

    But it looks tasty as all outside…

    And thats more important!


  • iamphoenix

    thank you shortbus.

    i hate you buttcorn

  • drunkenjunk

    fuck you batman, i’m sure your greasy ass hasn’t fucked anything that good looking