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What a twist!

Lemme tell you what: it’s exactly this kind of thing that keeps on bringing me back to the good ol child porn of sports. That’s Adrian ‘Killa’ Cruz tapping Nick Gonzalez on the prelims of last night’s Bellator show with a scarf hold armlock. It just goes to show once again that there are dozens of moves from nearly every position that no one really trains for. So not only does the guy not defend against it, he doesn’t even know what’s going on until he’s tapping.

(gif via /r/mma)

  • fishead

    that one can be quick and nasty… I used to get it on the regular, then guys wised up…. so I had to resort to stepping over with the top leg and going for a reverse triangle.

  • dick

    This move has been common knowledge since the very beginning of the sport. It was on those original Renzo Gracie-Craig Kukuk DVDs (the ones that Rorion got pissed would give away all the family secrets) as simply “the Americana.” Thus, welcome to the 1990s.

  • DJ ThunderElbows