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What was up with the UFC’s sponsors?

Xyience was gone. Premiere Fighter was in. Clock was sponsored by that god awful watch company, and Goldberg was wearing one the whole time that looked more like a shackle than a timepiece. Last but not least … LUMBER LIQUIDATORS? Did I see that correctly? And they weren’t even in one of the weird sides, they got their logo right in one of the fighter’s corners.

I know Dana claims he’s just fine without big name sponsors, but it’s kinda lame to see rinky dink sponsors making their way onto the mat and into Goldberg’s commentary. Nice score on the Harley Davidson sponsorship too … that’s a good fit if I’ve ever seen one. Ditto with Rambo. Heroes don’t die … they just reload!

  • RoB

    killing is as easy as breathing……… but if im not mistaken xyience still had one little corner of the octagon

  • Amy Robinson

    I think Lumber Liquidators and Harley Davidson are actually big steps up and big steps to even better sponsors. They’re way more big name than the floundering Xyience and whatever flash in the pan new fight clothing company thats just launching. Haimov is at least a nice departure from the usual sport-oriented companies. Maybe they’ll get the attention of someone like Tag Huerer, its a first step to where they need to be, so at least they’re on the way. They’ve come a quite a ways from KTFO and Gordon Beirsch.

    Damn you FL you’ve got me defending those bastards!

  • Xavier

    Anything is better than Xyience. They could throw Condom Depot on the floor and it’d be an improvement.

    And it would certainly be an improvement over Condom Depot being on fighter’s asses yet again. Worst advertising placement ever.

  • kentyman

    “Harley Davidson, the only motorcycles hetero enough to be inside The Octagon!”

  • kentyman

    Perhaps Xyience should’ve been pushing this product a little harder:

    You can never have too much Horny Goat Weed. That’s what I always say.

  • fightlinker

    oh man, that’s getting a post for sure

  • riley

    Gotta agree any Condom reference on your ass is a bad thing and those watches are the ugliest fuckin’ things I have every seen. I was suprised Rogan could hold his mic hand up with that 50 pound watch around his wrist.

  • kentyman

    Better than Jordan Radev’s “Jesus Didn’t Tap [This]” on his ass.

  • Amy Robinson

    Looks like we’re spoke too son on Xyience, looing through the pics I saw they were on one of the posts-

    At least they’ve moved from center ring and whoring all over every fighter with thier stupid barcodes everywear.

  • intenso

    How does Lumber Liquidators have the money to advertise everywhere? Seems like they advertise behind the plate in every MLB stadium.

    What do they even do???

  • c-ing_red

    Effin A Cotton, Effin A!!!!!

  • M.O.B

    Yea there were some Xyience ad’s for sure. On one of the posts in the corner. FL, you enoy chuck wanderlei or what? I’m watchin it again as we speak and its a classic. Chuck’s chin is so solid, and Wanderlei is the toughest S.O.B. i have see. No one has ever taken shots from Chuck like that and walked away, Nothing but respect for him. And Silva won the 2nd rd, I had it 29-28…

  • fightlinker

    I enjoyed it, but i just wish it had been longer

  • kentyman

    (that’s what she said)

  • Swedish guy

    Michael Scott!!!

  • body-shots

    Lumber Liquidators is pretty fuckin massive in the south.. kinda like Home Depot. They sponsor a Nascar truck and win every other weekend.. I’ve spent a good 70g’s at that store and if you drive through neighborhood under construction down here you’ll see their stupid yellow banner everywhere. I would say they are doing alright.