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What went wrong with Hector Lombard?

Perhaps the biggest disappointment from UFC 149 was the debut of Hector Lombard. We’ve been teased with Hector’s UFC debut for years now and his signing was hyped up as one of the biggest arrivals you’d see in the UFC this year. Alas, instead of tearing Tim Boetsch’s head off and shitting down his neckhole, he did absolutely nothing for three rounds. That left everyone scratching their heads, and rather than just accepting that sometimes athletes have garbage performances, people keep asking not just what went wrong but how Lombard can be fixed.

“You can’t be angry with (Lombard), but it just shows you guys, ranking guys who don’t fight in the UFC, it’s two different worlds. Guys that fight in other organizations that end up in the Top 10 rankings, it’s a whole other world over here. Lombard, maybe should fight at 170. He made 185 easily. He’s short and wide, but I think he could make 170,” said White at the post-event press conference attached to this past weekend’s event.

Lo and behold, the next day guess what headline shows up on the blog? LOMBARD SHOULD DROP TO WELTERWEIGHT. Good going, UFC blogger guy. It’s never a bad idea to just take stuff your boss says and turn it into an article. Hell, that’s what half the MMA blogosphere does already, and they aren’t even being paid by Dana for it.

At 5’9, Lombard is one of the shortest middleweights in the promotion. In fact, he would be a relatively short welterweight. I look to former UFC star Phil Baroni as a comparison. Baroni was a massively muscled middleweight with a welterweight’s frame (or maybe even lightweight, if we’re talking solely on height and reach). That is Lombard in a nutshell.

If Lombard can cut to 170 pounds without adversely impacting his strength and explosiveness, he could be an absolute savage in the welterweight division. If I were a betting man, and I just so happen to be one, I’d bet that he could easily make the welterweight limit with just a few tweaks to his training camp diet. He looked extremely thick with full, round muscles and a full face at the weigh-ins. Contrast that to Faber, who looked like he had squeezed every safe ounce of water out of his system for the weigh-ins before adding back nearly 18 pounds in the 30 hours leading up to fight time. Lombard can do the same thing.

In other words, how about you pull a Cris Cyborg, lay off the ‘horse meat’, and let your body slide down into a more ‘natural’ weightclass? Unfortunately, this genius plan everyone is currently fielding doesn’t really address why Hector Lombard failed so spectacularly in his UFC debut. It’s not like he was the explosive juggernaut everyone hyped him up to be until Boetsch used his extra size to lean and lie all over him for 15 minutes. Lombard stalled out all by himself, simply by refusing to engage. That’ll earn you a loss regardless of what weightclass you’re in.

Even Lombard himself has had to take the unusual action of defending himself by admitting his performance wasn’t that great:

Come on, guys. I’m not too small. I just sucked that night!

  • Royal

    Nothing wrong with Hector. He was Trying for counter tactics and to show he wasn’t afraid to bang. the game was Tim’s if he wanted it, but he was too scared.

    If anything Hector could of done better, it was capitalizing on Tim’s weakness in the second or third rounds. He would have gotten kuddos for at least changing up tactics per round.

    Not surprised in Tim winning the split, but he came out the match looking the worst.

  • TheBatmanFan

    Unfortunately for Lombard,
    fleeing Brazil will not outrun the cursed stigmata of Betty White scorned.

  • Letibleu

    ^^He is from Cuba and Australia…

  • TheBatmanFan

    Uh huh,
    Cuba isn’t anywhere near Australia!



    You’re right that rings a bell.

    But that only goes to prove my theory…

    That Betty White is the Grand Warlock of an omnipotent, aggressive and globe encompassing Illuminati!

    And that Lombard is living on borrowed time!

  • kvelertak

    Modern UFC: ever backing down to mediocrity.

  • TheBatmanFan

    flamderson wont move up to 205 because he’s afraid of Betty White!

  • Letibleu

    are you related to butthorn and if you are can you confirm his mother and father have the same mother and father?


  • voice of reason

    I’ll tell u what’s wrong with lombard

    he fought a non-can who he couldn’t just blitz and it confused him so he didn’t know what to do and that’s why he did nothing
    you see it now and again when fighters get confused and just end up like that eg silvia randy, hughes gsp2, penn edgar, lots of diaz opponents….

  • Letibleu

    ^^ I do have to agree

  • frickshun

    Voice of Reason’s voice is full of reason on this one. Ogre’d.

  • voice of reason

    they don’t call me ‘voice of reason’ for nothin

  • Shango

    He had to the throw the fight, to wipe off the Bellator hype was that he was bringing with him.

    UFC needed to retain their status of “highest calibur fighters” you see if Tim was knocked out in seconds, Bellator would be looked at for good fighters, as UFC would look weak. They can’t have that, can they? They had to bring Hector Lombard back to Zero first, then work him back up.

    Tim Boetsch would have been knocked out in seconds, if it where not for “special partnerships” between UFC and it’s fighters.

    Come on Shango, you are Cubano not Americano!

    Take them all out from here on out! Cubano para siempre!


  • TheBatmanFan

    @ Leti,
    I have no idea who that is.

    But I’m sure he’s an asshole.

    He’s probably on of those Canadians.

  • TheBatmanFan

    @ Shango,
    I like the way you think.

  • voice of reason

    @shango sureeee he threw the fight….. the same way anderson, rampage, vitor (who came from Affliction ffs), etc threw their first fights when they came to ufc right? oh wait…

    ufc jitters might’ve played a part, but mostly it’s that he’s not fighting cans anymore. let’s not get tinfoil hat crazy here

  • Reverend Clint

    he sucks… the end

  • Reuben

    Hector Lombard is NOT over…. Surprise!
    Although I wasn’t impressed with the bout, Hector did Not lose that fight, end of story!


  • Shango

    @Shango: Lombard UFC initiation is a good one to watch from the beginning to the end. I highly recommend it! Thanks SHANGO.

  • ZEMPO – OFiGhT