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What’s up this weekend

Vazquez VS Marquez III
Why you should care: The last two fights between these guys have been freaking awesome, so I’m betting the third will be just as great. You want to see some good boxing? Check this shit out on Showtime, Saturday at 9pm EST.

IFL Season Opener
Why you should care: This is the IFL’s chance to get it right after two seasons of suck. I know we shit on the IFL all the time but that’s only because thus far their product has been shoddy at best. I’ll never complain about another good promotion, so lets hope Friday night marks a step in the right direction for the IFL. It’s on HDNet at 11pm EST.

UFC 82
Why you should care: Hendo vs Silva for the middleweight strap, plus the return of Evan Tanner! Do I have to say any more than that? This card is pretty sweet from top to bottom … fingers crossed we get to see a bunch of the preliminaries. This is on Saturday, PPV, 10pm

World Victory Road: Sengoku
Why you should care: While it’s not technically this weekend (It’s on March 5th … a Wednesday?!?), I only do one of these things a week so I’m sticking this here as a reminder. Josh Barnett is gonna trounce Yoshida, and we get to see if Takanori Gomi is back on form against Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig. The card is pretty fucking sweet from top to bottom, so I’m super hyped for it. Maybe this’ll be on HDNet, maybe not.

Rio Fight Club
Why you should care: Lots of hot up and coming South American fighters on this card, and you can stream the card live on your computer for 10 bucks. No, this ISN’T that shitty Rio Heroes crap.

  • MJC_123

    Vasquez v Marquez III gets priority over UFC 82 im afraid. These 2 warriors bang from start to finish, or until someone else decides they are finished. Can’t wait!

    Lookin forward to catchin UFC 82 with some warm tea Sunday evening and then wakin up nice and early on wednesday and watchin WVR on the net, with some toast and coffee!

  • Captain

    All I have to say is: War Tanner motherfuckers!

  • #1 jackal

    War Tanner and Hendo

  • JackalAss

    is Brad Pitt involved with Rio Fight Club?

  • Xenicore

    Looks like the big announcement is Bud Light being the exclusive beer sponsor of the UFC, via
    I am so excited.

  • Dangerfield

    That post was pretty sweet from top to bottom

  • DannyP72

    Don’t forget Haye-Maccarinelli for the cruiser-weight belt also this weekend.

    2 potentially amazing boxing matches and ufc 82. Woo Woo

  • DannyP72

    Oh wait it’s next weekend my bad

  • JoshMan

    If you watch the IFL show pay attention to Jake Ellenberger. Motherfucker is an animal and I’d say Tko for sure. Mid-America Martial Arts!

  • Xavier

    IFL Season Opener
    Why you should care:

    I stopped reading right there.