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What’s up this weekend

Cage Rage 25
Why you should care: This card features the return of Ken Shamrock as he attempts to earn a shot at Kimbo Slice. Ken’s son Ryan is also fighting but won’t be featured on the televised card. The event is actually on Friday but will be aired on Showtime Saturday at 10:30. I tried to figure out of prelim fights would be watchable on ProElite but gave up after 15 minutes of headache on their shitty site

Ring of Combat 18
Why you should care: There’s not really anything special about this card, but it is being shown on HDNet, which means you can actually watch it Friday at 9pm

Rage In the Cage
Why you should care: Melvin Guillard is starting his UFC sabbatical here, taking on Eric Regan (9-7). If Melvin loses, he can kiss his UFC contract goodbye.

Maccarinelli vs Haye
Why you should care: This boxing bout is being dubbed The Battle of Britain, featuring two welterweight sluggers who are known as brawlers. Although Showtime isn’t really giving it a huge promotional push, it’s got some good heat in the UK, and I trust the British to know entertaining boxing. It’s on Showtime Saturday at 9pm (and Setana Sports for you people over in Britain).

  • Atom

    not much of a mma weekend.

  • garth

    if eric regan does this for us, i will personally send him a cake. whoever you are, eric regan, the hopes of a nation rest on your mysterious shoulders.

  • garth
  • MJC_123

    Hey man, the Haye vs Maccareinelli fight is for the unified world cruiserweight titles including the prestigious Ring mag titles, they certainly aren’t welterweights.

    Its the closest we are going to get to heavyweights duking it out, and these to boys no how to bang, both with K.O percentages over 85%….

    Make sure you watch this explosive fight, I will be doing so inside the arena itself!!!!

  • garth

    is that on HBO/Showtime?

  • Swedish guy


  • Si

    Haye’s said that after (read: if) he wins this he wants to take out Klitcshko at HW, so he gets my vote.

  • MJC_123

    Garth: The boxing is on Showtime in the U.S and Setanta Sports in the U.K

  • garth

    ohhh yes…boxing, then EliteXC right afterwards, correct?
    I watched the Marquez-Vazquez fight on DVR after i got home from watching 82 at my bro’s and it was pretty sweet. those guy battle like none other…i’d forgotten that boxing CAN be good, even though it usually sucks.

  • Hywel Teague

    plus Cage Rage is on Saturday night. we’re ahead of you guys

  • operator

    Poor old Ken has to earn a shot against Kimbo. No way Ken should have to earn a fight against him that should be his first fight in EXC if they want that fight to happen. Nobody should have to earn a shot at Kimbo. Nothing against the guy but he hasn’t proven shit.

  • fightlinker

    The way I look at it is they’re just giving Ken a warm up fight because he hasn’t done much past get his ass handed to him by Tito for the past 4 years