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When Ed met Chael

Here’s an undated photo of Anderson Silva’s manager Ed Soares meeting up with agent provocateur numero uno Chael Sonnen. While I have no idea when this happened or what was said, I do have another photo after the jump that shows Chael from a different angle that might shed some light on the situation.

(props to Letibleu for the find)


    Someone on the UG made this pic. Someone post it for me please, I can’t post pics for some reason.

  • CAP

    That’s pretty much how I picture Chael “apologizing”.

  • Letibleu

  • iamphoenix



    also, cereal face guy is fawkin awesome too bro. and LOLOLOLOL guy face.




  • kvelertak

    Obvious troll is not that funny.

  • Reverend Clint

    When Chael found out that Brazilians practice black magic

  • Predator8u

    Seriously fuck Ed soares and Silva. Of course there going to to everything in their power to make sure Sonnen wont fight him again because he’ll probably beat him like he did the first time”sort off”. For me it justs make me hate anderson that much more. hes showed time and time again that anybody who has a good chace at beating him, he will dodge. Best “Manufactured” fighter ever my in my opinon its all PR. 

    Just by the fact how vocal they are againist the fight shows how Sacred they really are.

    btw I watch ALL MMA and about a year ago I quit putting so much relevance into who got the W because I know/fell who really won Brilz/nog, garcia/whoever, warren/galvao etc.. its all $$$ BS 

  • Redping

    the nog/brilz was a really close fight and i can understand both sides thinking. it doesn’t really belong in the same list as those other robberies you mentioned

  • Letibleu

    pr8dat00r8u you need to make one long run on sentence with your thing cause what you say kinda makes sense at first but after a while kinda gets jumbled so it would be better if it was all one incoherent thought that got lost as you wrote it all out.

  • Jarman

    The only thing sacred in this thread is the hertzfeldt cartoon.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    In other news, Frank Trigg is the real lineal welterweight champion for “sort off” beating Matt Hughes that one time.

  • Danjo

    Ed Soares?

    More like Ed BORES, amirite fellas? Eh? Fellas?

  • CAP

    Ed Whores.

  • frickshun

    Red Sore-ass. You guys are weak.

  • Mal666

    Chaels hand should be holding a big needle of DECA or something and a how to lie to comission for dummies book in the other …he seriously looks like a worm in that pic

  • Kakang

    Deserves it??? One fight after a loss that he was doped up on and he deserves a shot? Oh wait I foogrt he beat up on Anderson Silva for 4.5 rounds, oh wait Dana foogrt Anderson Silva had bad ribs that make it hard to move let alone train and be 100%, oh wait again Dana foogrt that Chael was all doped up prior to his fight so he could get extra training in and have more strength during the fight, oh wait everyone forgets that a beat down when on roids (TRT is a form of roids) is a roid beat down, and it doesn’t mean it was a real honest beat down. Deserves a shot my butt!

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