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When fun gets a little out of hand

Normally I don’t really care about minor league MMA champions but this guy’s got guts (all over 13 miles of countryside):

UCF light heavyweight champion Jerid S. Sturman-Camyn, died this past Saturday.

According to witnesses, Sturman-Camyn became violent and out of control at a northeastern Washington hunting camp late that night. He allegedly began wielding an axe before having a noose fixed around his neck and being dragged by a truck for nearly 13 miles. The body was dismembered during the dragging according to the Spokesman-Review.

Apparently, according to witnesses, Camyn and his father, who were camping with a group of friends, began wrestling, playfully at first, but the confrontation quickly intensified and became more serious as Sturman-Camyn began to become confrontational towards the group.

Sturman-Camyn, who was allegedly heavily drunk, became even more confrontational, according to witnesses, when Wendell Sinn, a man invited to the camp site with his son, fired a rifle in an effort to calm the situation.

“We’ll drag you out of here,” Sinn allegedly told Sturman-Camyn.

Sturman-Camyn reportedly responded: “I’ll take that rope and choke you with it.”

According to authorities, Wendell Sinn, who has since been charged with second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter, slipped the noose around Sturman-Camyn’s neck when Sturman-Camyn became distracted by members of his camp moving toward their ATV’s.
Justin Sinn, Wendell’s son, then drove out of the camp in his truck with Sturman-Camyn attached to the back by a rope and a noose. Sinn eventually stopped and called 911, but not before he had dragged Jerid Sturman-Camyn nearly 13 miles. Sinn allegedly reported to 911 that he had been chased by someone with an ax and maintains that he had no knowledge that he was dragging Sturman-Camyn.

I tried to boil this down to the interesting bits, but the entire article is so fucked up you just have to read it to believe it. Sure, we’ve all had coke benders that have devolved into axe fights that ended with someone being dragged behind a truck. But 13 miles? That’s just excessive.

  • igorpunck

    fuck! this should have been a nice Halloween post. fucking rednecks

  • fightlinker

    i’ll get in my time machine and make it so!

  • fightlinker

    (double nerd points for the ST:TNG picard reference)

  • dulljake

    13 miles is the length of about 228 football fields. YEAH!

  • marshal

    He had to keep driving faster and faster. He knew Sturman-Camyn was getting more and more pissed off after each mile dragged. He was sure to use the axe now!

  • Sacha

    Firing a gun is always a great way to calm a situation.
    That, and insulting a guy’s mother.

  • fightlinker

    Yeah, whenever I want to calm someone down I usually tackle then and start punching them in the face

  • marshal

    …After 13 miles he realized he was running low on fuel. Trembling with fear, tip-toed out of the truck to refuel at the nearest gas station. Not wasting anytime, he quickly paid the attendant and then floored it out of state. Once it was bright enough outside he could see that the axe murderer was no longer a threat. With a sigh of relief he dialed 911.

  • igorpunck

    #8 is funny! sad story though :(

  • Accomando

    You can’t make this shit up, you know? Who in the hell would believe it?

  • Darkie

    I thought white people only drug black folk behind their trucks.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy)

    Holy shit.

    Seriously, WTF? You expect this kind of crap in like, Somalia or something…

  • MMA Fever

    Oh Goddam!

    Not sure whether I’d rather squeal like a pig or go out like that. Both scare the shyte outta me.

    Where was Tim Sylvia in all of this?

  • dignan

    I read about this locally, and they didn’t mention he was a UFC or any type of fighter.

    What I love is they had a fucking noose.

  • Accomando

    “…but this guy’s got guts (all over 13 miles of countryside)…”

    F’ing brutal man.

  • Nick

    There is only one thing that can piss a redneck off enough to pick up an axe and threaten people and that’s being called a faggot. I guarantee someone called him a fag and it triggered his redneck roid rage.

  • dignan


    Beauty call. I am seriously laughing the hardest I have in a while…it’s funny because its so fucking true.

    Faggot. Fuck…haha. Man he was probably pissed off.

  • Matto

    Am I the only one wondering when this guy was ever the UFC light-heavyweight champion?

  • marshal

    I thought he held two UFC belts, but it was only on a minor technicality. I think both divisions tested positive for heightened Nandrolone that year.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy)

    The corpse was 20 before it died.

    Mistaken identity or extremely poor editing.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy)

    Dayum, look what passes for card girls at UCF events:

  • operator

    Leave it to a bunch of rednecks to take a noose camping. Damm those guys know how to have a good time. So I guess he brought the noose to hang his kill after hunting. That guy should be a bouncer he really knows what to do when things get out of hand. First fire your gun off and if that doesn’t work go get your noose that you happen to have laying around then use it to drag the trouble maker to his death. Good thinking.

  • maafaka

    he should have his eyebrows shaved for that…