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When Sherdog starts covering your decline, the end is nigh

I always have a hard time knowing what to expect from Sherdog. They’ve got some really good regional columnists like Jordan Breen and Tim Leidecker, but some of their other guys just suck total balls. I’m sorry, but when your regional column comes out two hours after another website’s regional column and it’s basically the exact same thing, Professor Fightlinker is gonna give you an F for plagiarism. Or give the other site an A for espionage.

I guess the big problem with the Sherdog format is they’re great for specific news items but not so great for getting the ‘whole picture’ on the MMA scene. You’d have to be born around Chernobyl to have enough fingers and toes to count the major stories Sherdog has skipped over the years. Which is why it’s so shocking to me that they have an article now on the IFL’s shaky financial situation.

The article is a steamy piece of poo, but it’s not really the author’s fault. This thing had to be dumbed down for the average site reader, which means half the article is spent explaining what a company being ‘publicly traded’ means, and how the stock market works. Add in a dozen references to anonymous ‘Wall Street Traders’ and you’ve got another instance where Professor Fightlinker would be hard pressed not to give this thing an F.

Nothing in the article is anything new to us people who have been watching the IFL die an embarrassingly optimistic death for the past six months. So I guess this blog is just to point out the fact that when Sherdog starts writing about the company going down in flames, you know the end is near. This article reeks of Sherdog editors saying “Hmm, if ANOTHER major organization folds and we don’t cover it’s decline, we’ll look kinda silly.”

  • bmiller

    Do you ever get tired of talking crap on other mma web sites? Yesterday I read an article about how taggradio is so bad, and then today sherdog is the bad one. I never hear any of the other sites talk crap on fightlinker. Is it because they have never heard of this site before??

    Where all MMA here and we are all here for the same reason. Can’t we all just hug and get along.

  • kentyman

    ‘Cause what are they gonna say? “Those homosexual UFC previews are hit-or-miss sometimes.” Or, “They don’t make quite enough testicle jokes”?

    Wait, I’ve said that second one before.

  • Lifer

    My main problem with IFL is that I can’t keep track of what events I have seen and which I haven’t. They’re being shown on like 4 different networks… sometimes the shows are broadcast half a month after the event, they will edit out rounds and chop it up then next week it’s shown on a different channel in it’s entirety. It doesn’t seem like the best marketing strategy.

    Hopefully if it falls apart the UFC scoops up it’s larger stars like rothwell and horodecki(and wagney fabiano who I’ve trained under). I can’t really name any of the others.

  • Tommy

    IFL is a public company? I didn’t know that. You know what their ticker?

  • Xavier

    Taggradio is BAD and Sherdog is BAD and bmiller is BAD too.


  • fightlinker

    All of the other site guys come into the comments here and poop on me. I’ll take it, I don’t pretend to be any less of a dope than any other guy out there. Maybe that’s why I hate Kevin Iole so much … we’re just so similar.

  • garth

    Personal blog = shit on whoever you want. that’s the strong foundation the current blogsplosion grows on. Big steamy turdpiles on people’s heads who don’t even know who you are.


    bmiller get along and hug my sweaty nuts.

    garth as usual is damn right, and Sherdog deserve to be shat on, tho I’m more in favour of a brown diarrhea shower than a turdpile.
    Their forums alone once gave me ocular herpes.

  • DJ Hapa


    i tried to join your site and i keep getting error messages. There is no way to contact you either.

  • Tommy

    Hug and get along? Nope not me. That’s just not what I do personally. Thanks for the link fightlinker.


    DJ Hapa! What kind of errors you getting? Fightlinker please pass my email address onto DJ Hapa!

  • DJ Hapa


    I fill out the registration form and hit send/submit/whatever, and it constantly says, “an error has occured”. I tried changing browsers and it does the same thing. I amusing safari and firefox.

  • fightlinker

    Using safari and firefox huh? here’s the problem: YOU’RE A COMMUNIST!