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White guy throws smoker, no one arrested.

Well, what a surprise. Randy Couture held a smoker at his XTreme Couture gym and no one was arrested. Sure, this was submission grappling and not striking, and Las Vegas instead of Florida. But I’d rather make the assumption that it was because Din was black that he got thrown in the clink while alleged caucasian Randy Couture got to relax as Shawn Tompkins and Dean Lister rubbed down his corns and bunyans during the show.

  • kentyman

    Alleged caucasian. :)

    The funny brain cells are back!

  • Luke

    I’ve never heard of a smoker where striking wasn’t involved.

  • Amy Robinson

    “alleged caucasion” – too funny!

  • Ted Dibiase

    speaking of alleged…. if you look to the very right of the pic, youll see a 13 yr old boy and the guy whos about to kidnap him and do dirty things to him while they eat candy and look for his lost dog.

  • Jonathan

    I dun know…Din and Randy are both pretty “hot” on my masculine man scale. I am willing to be that Couture had alot more money, and that he probably has a buddy/buddy relationship with almost every cop he meets. Maybe Din should have joined the Army.

  • Thomas aka ???

    A grappling smoker doesn’t have the same violent feel to people that a boxing or mma smoker has.

  • The Armenian Prince

    Your all retarded