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White: Larry Merchant is senile

Dana White talks more about the Mayweather / Ortiz fight, specifically the part where Floyd dissed HBO commentator Larry Merchant:

“It’s my big beef with Merchant for years,” White said. “These guys get done fighting and he jumps in the ring and just starts saying off-the-wall, weird, rude [expletive] to these guys. Who the hell would want to do an interview with him? It’s probably the thing they dread worse than training and cutting weight and everything, is their interview with Larry Merchant. It’s ridiculous.”

Merchant drew Mayweather’s ire in the post-fight interview for asking about the dubious fight-ending punch combo that, while legal, seemed dirty to many. As Mayweather criticized Merchant for what he regarded as a history of bias on the part of the 80-year-old TV commentator, suggesting that HBO should fire him, Merchant retorted, “I wish I was 50 years younger and I would kick your ass.”

It was a lapse in professionalism that apparently didn’t help to endear him to White, an avid boxing fan.”I actually thought that that was very embarrassing for HBO,” the UFC president said. “The guy is senile, he’s out of his mind. He’s up there berating Floyd, but Floyd can’t say anything back to you? You’ve been disrespecting guys your whole career, and guess what, you can go back 60 years, you’re not kicking Floyd’s ass, okay? Give me a break. And what’s Floyd going to do? A 102-year-old guy just said that to him.”

  • G Funk

    OMG give me a break. The post fight interview was one of the best parts of the night.What exactly did the old fart say that was so off the wall rude weird rude shit? It was straight up here. Rogan does the same chit when it happens in the UFC.

  • FilmDrunk

    Merchant was great in the Mayweather incident, but DW kind of has a point. There were countless other times in other fights when I said to myself, “What the fuck is this pompous asshole rambling about?”

  • CAP

    I love that picture! I do want to slap Merchant on the back to help him get his words out.

  • agentsmith

    Merchant may be senile, but Goldberg is like a retarded human spambot.

  • FilmDrunk

    My lowerarchy of announcers I can’t fucking stand goes (from tolerable to punch-worthy):

    Gus Johnson
    Mauro Renallo
    Michael Schiavello

    If I have to hear Schiavello bleat “faahstah than a speeding ticket” (which, first of all, doesn’t fucking mean anything let alone isn’t funny) or “GOOOD NOIGHT OYRENE!” one more time I’m going to huck dog shit at his shiny dome. Bas Rutten and Joe Rogan call every fight, that’s my dream.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    ^^^ Gus Johnson should be at the bottom, come on.

    The moral of the story is – unless you’re Tony Bennett or Frank Sinatra, you should be retired at 80 as you’re too old to do your job anymore (Don Cherry, I’m looking at you). Sorry, thems just the breaks.


  • Redping

    Michael Schiavello is the man. he wears 2 watches constantly as if he never knows which arm is going to trigger a response when he wants to check the time

  • iamphoenix

    needs more corgis.

  • Reverend Clint

    gus johnson is always on the bottom

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Larry Merchant should play Commandant Eric Lassard when they remake the Police Academy movies. That will keep him busy.

  • frickshun

    While Larry was just about to say s’thing that was going to be inflammatory, Floyd cut him off b/c he knew it. So while Larry didn’t exactly say anything so bad, he was intending to.

    Go check out a Floyd / Larry interview on Youtube after the Castillo fight. Larry is a dick (as always) there too & Floyd says the same line about “You don’t know nothing about boxing” so they definitely have a history there.

    I’ve always hated Larry. He’s old & belligerent. Shoulda replaced him w/Max Kellerman 5 years ago. I think HBO loves his rambling Jerry Springer-esque wrap-up monologue after a night of fights. It’s the only thing he’s decent at.

  • MadMan
  • Danjo


    Sure, I guess.

    Entertaining? Which by the way, is what he is PAID to be? Defiitely.

    Sana White, i hope you read this blog. Fuck you and your fat bald head motherfucker. I know you don’t like boxing, but seriously?

    Merchant was 1000 times milder than Rogan, and we all fucking love Rogan. Until you force Joe to turn in to some paragon of professionalism and hold him to the same standard that you are holding Merchant to, fuck off.