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Why Forrest Griffin vs Shogun won’t happen

Because he’s way too chickenshit to accept the fight.

Just sayin’

  • Adam Morgan

    Forrest or Shogun? I’m assuming you’re talking about Forrest.

  • DJ Hapa

    If the money line goes above +250 for Griffin, I am putting $100 down on him. I have seen every Shogun fight twice. It is more than possible that Griffin beats him.

  • Jonathan

    Man…talk about in depth reporting here guys…

  • fightlinker

    I was gonna write more but got distracted by candy. Expect part 2 today ;-)

  • Kenny the Swede

    Candy? or “Candy”? I’m with DJ here, I’m gonna bet on Forrest of the line gets that high.

  • Mr. Chris

    I will bet either one of you $100 that Forrest doesn’t last one round with Shogun, but I also think it won’t happen. I feel like the UFC management is not exactly pumped for the influx up Pride guys who might start destroying the Forrest Griffins of the UFC.

  • Teufel

    If both of them hadn’t gotten beat in the 2nd round of the IFC Global Domination tournament they would have fought already. Forrest wouldn’t have ducked Rua then and I don’t see him ducking Rua now. I don’t think Forrest would try to stand and bang with Rua, though.

    Dana White has been stating for weeks that Shogun is fighting Machida, so unless Machida is injured or something I don’t see them changing plans.

  • Big Fern

    shogun is going to RIP through that weight division like butter. its going to be ridiculous. it’s already a pretty thin division anyway. he dismantled rampage in pride. wait n see

  • Laura

    Well…it looks like Forrest will be fighting Shogun at UFC 76 on September 22. Forrest will fight anybody and I read somewhere that he requested this fight…he’s no chickenshit.

    Shogun is definitely a heavy favorite, but I think Griffin will put up a good fight. It’s pretty much a win/win for Forrest. If he manages to pull off the upset, he’ll earn huge respect and move up in the rankings. Even if he just has a good showing, he should earn respect…there’s no shame in losing to a fighter of Shogun’s caliber.

    Forrest has balls…I’ll be pulling for him.

  • mickey

    I think the fight wont happen cause Shogun is chickenshit of Forrest… hahaha but then again CroCop got whooped by Gonzaga… and Nog almost got knocked out…

    think about it…..

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