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Why I love Japanese MMA

Japanese MMA is the best. Half their shit is written in English even though they have no idea what the fuck anything means. Well, they probably know what the specific words mean. They just don’t realize how dumb their stuff actually sounds to the average English person. Japan is riddled with awesome Engrish. Here’s some of the best MMA events in Japan with Engrish:

  • Shooto – Battle Mix Tokyo 4
  • Shooto – Shooting Disco 2
  • Shooto – Grapplingman 6
  • Shooto – Men Are Strong
  • Shooto – The Devilock
  • Shooto – The Victory of the Truth
  • Shooto – Soulful Fight
  • Shooto – Shooto Junkie Is Back!
  • Shooto – Who is Young Leader!
  • Shooto – Treasure Hunt 11
  • Shooto – Gateway to the Extremes
  • Greatest Common Multiple – Demolition of Octagon Gear
  • Greatest Common Multiple – The Contenders X-Rage 1
  • DEEP – Glove Edition
  • DEEP – MB3z Impact: Power of a Dream
  • DEEP – Barbarian Festival 5
  • DEEP – Monster Challenge 2
  • Pancrase – Neo-Blood Tournament
  • Pancrase – Eyes Of Beast 6
  • Pancrase – Pancrash! 2
  • Pancrase – Yes, We are Hybrid Wrestlers 4
  • Adam

    That is some funny shit right there.

  • DJ Hapa

    I really liked the Engrish commentary you did on that Gomi-Kid video. I suggest you do a weekly column on MMA written in Engrish. I think our language needs some outside influence because our prose is getting stale. This could be the foundation a new trend, a turning point in the English language: The Engrish movement.

  • Rob

    The longer I live in Japan, the more these make sense. And I almost prefer them… it’s not the meaning of the words, it’s the feeeeeeeeling of the words. Like a finger pointing at the moon ;)

  • ajadoniz

    lol finger pointing at moon makes fun in me.

  • Royal B.

    Let’s not forget Pride’s Year End Show, The Man Festival.

  • BigFern

    lol nips

  • Matt

    What is a Barbarian Festival?