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Why is it always Warpath?

Eugh, not again:

During training for his scheduled Super Heavyweight clash with Eric “Butterbean” Esch, Stefan Gamlin suffered a knee injury that will require surgery. With Gamlin unable to compete, someone had to take on the unenviable task of going toe-to-toe with Butterbean on August 17 at Mohegan Sun Arena. Enter Ruben Villareal, better known as “Warpath”.

What the fuck is up with Warpath sneaking in the backdoor of half the events going on? Since when did he become the official backup for every heavyweight match out there? How the hell does he keep getting booked for this kind of stuff?

For those who don’t know, Ruben “Warpath” Villareal is apparently the official backup fighter for every single promoter out there. Every time a heavyweight fighter is injured / suspended / denied license / murdered / etc, Warpath steps up to the plate and takes their place. This would be pretty commendable if Warpath didn’t suck a yellow turd.

My issue with Warpath isn’t that he loses … it’s the way he loses. It seems like he lasts just long enough to earn his paycheck and then takes the first opportunity to tap. Perfect examples of this include his WFA fight against Bas Rutten and his K1 Dynamite bout with Siala Siliga. Against Siliga, Warpath lasted less than two minutes and tapped out to strikes while on one knee.

Sherdog’s Fightfinder has countless other questionable matches Warpath has ‘stepped up’ to fight in … first round losses to Justin McCully, Mike Whitehead, Antonio Silva, Ricco Rodriguez, and Dan Bobbish. Half of those fights didn’t even make it past the two minute mark. So why the hell do promoters still turn to him as a replacement? He’s proven time and time again that he’s not competitive at all, even in his loses.

  • DJ Hapa

    Dude, like, his name is Warcraft, not Warpath. Get it right.

  • Jonathan

    They book him because they know that a) he will go down in an exciting fashion and pump their main guy up and b) he is better than watching the other guy just shadow box in an empty ring.

  • Asa

    Maybe its because he gives his opponents devastating HL reel finishes? That punch from Mighty Mo was no joke.

  • Wu Tang

    I think he spends more time to put on mascara than time training….

  • Matt

    Shannon Ritch of the heavyweight division

  • Jonathan

    I thought Shannon Ritch was a heavyweight?

  • Erin

    It’s most likely because he’s the only one stupid enough to take such fights last minute.

    “Two weeks to prepare? Sure! Sign me up!”

    That and, sadly enough, he’s a better MMA fighter than he was a pro wrestler.

  • Matt

    Shannon weights probably 180 but will tap to anyone at any given weight, at any given time.

  • Swedish guy

    Warpath sucks more than Norway.

  • DJ Hapa

    “Warpath sucks more than Norway.”

    Remember Charles XII and the Great Northern War? Is that why you guys are still angry at the Norwegians?

  • fightlinker

    Warpath doesn’t go down in an exciting fashion. Don Frye goes down in an exciting fashion. Warpath wusses out. Boo-urns

  • Swedish guy

    DJ Hapa> No, why would it be? Thats 300 years ago, it’s not exactly in my immediate legacy or anything ;-)

    Norway sucks because it’s a shitty country.
    A sixpack of plain beer costs about 25 american dollars (this is true!) in an average store, and a pizza costs about the same. Plus they’re stupid.

  • http://n/a Eric

    All these people bashing Ruben as far as the Mighty Moe fight he got tripped up in the ropes then took a huge left uppercut that most likely broke his face before he tapped.Bas Rutten put a beating on him and ended up having to chop him down with leg kicks and stated that Ruben had an extremely hard head. As far as being a constant last min replacement fighter why don’t we get some suggestions? I’m sure no one was lining up to fight Bas, Paul Buentello,and surely not Butterbean with minimal training so that leaves us with our only option to let the show go on Warpath. Thanks Ruben hopefully you turn things in your favor soon and get a Win. Later