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Will Chael Sonnen be murdered in Rio?

That seems to be the general concern of the MMA fanbase. From a letter to the Sunday Junkie: 

This is one of the most anticipated rematches in UFC history but could come at a terrible cost. With all the trash Sonnen has said about Brazil, the Brazilians hate him so much that one of Yushin Okami’s Brazilian sponsors threatened to take away its sponsorship if Sonnen went Brazil to support Okami. Sonnen has gotten numerous threats due to what he has said. So just think what will happen if Brazil’s No. 1 enemy walked into their house and took down their hero. What if he gets mobbed on his way to or from the cage? How does that make the UFC look? Is the reward of breaking attendance records worth risking fighter safety/life?

It’s a general misconception that all lands south of the US / Mexico border are Mad Max style battlegrounds where one wrong step will result in getting stabbed in the eye. We joke about it all the time because what can we say, we’re scared of Others and making vaguely racist jokes about societies we don’t understand makes us feel better about ourselves. Plus the Mad Max thing is at least 30% truthish.

Does the UFC share the same fear of Brazilians? Well, maybe a fear of soccer hooligans, but overall Dana White says everyone needs to chillax a little:

“I think Brazil is getting a bad rap. To be honest with you, the first few times that I went to Brazil I was very nervous and thought, ‘oh my God,’ this and that. I’ve been to Brazil many times and Brazil as a country and Brazilians as a people are getting a bad rap. Brazil isn’t as dangerous and as scary and as crazy as everybody thinks it is. I mean sure, there has been some bad things that have happened down there in the past. Bad things happen everywhere, you know? We can say the same thing in Detroit, we can say the same thing in New York, we can say the same thing in a lot of cities across the United States. Yes, he (Sonnen) has said a lot of stuff about Brazilians and that country and lots of people are going to tune in and show up to see Anderson Silva kick his ass because that is what the Brazilians want. I don’t think that it’s at a point where, you now, people down there want to hurt Chael Sonnen, you know what I mean? They are going to show up, watch a sporting event and they are going to look for their countrymen and their hero and the best fighter ever to come out of Brazil or any other country around the world to win that night against Chael.”

  • Reverend Clint

    already happened

  • Jarman

    It’s not because I’m afraid of “Others” and make vaguely racist joke about Brazil…’s that I know several brazilians, and they’re the nicest people you’d care to meet, who’d give you the shirt off their backs…..if you’re on their good side. You piss them off though? Then they turn to crazy, deadly motherfuckers who stop for nothing. Over tiny, slip-of-the tongue comments. Fiery people when angered! case in point, you notice how many small interjections about respect that just seem to be part and parecel of grammar in brazilian portuguese? and how pissed off brazilians get when they think they’re being disrespected? and the amount of shit he’s said….

    I don’t think they’ll mob tha cage or riot if he wins. I think most brazilian MMA fans get that he’s pulling some wwe bs to hype the fight. They might hate him, but they get it….it’s the casual fans i’d be worried about. chael just should not go out on the town after the fight, win or lose. someone who only watches a bit on tv, and has seen highlights of chael’s comments, who might just bump in him in the street, who knows? some dumb bitch get her face shoved by overeem in vegas….what’s the parallel for rio? I’d guess it end with chael injured or dead, via some dude with a soccer jersey and a shiv.


    Wonder if he’ll get pelted with blood and piss bombs if he wins. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a flare or 2 slung his way.

  • Giallo

    City of God was an awesome movie and what I base all of Brazil off of. Something’s gonna happen, I’m betting the fight is moved or Chael gets a mysterious injury.

  • Letibleu

    City of God, loved it

  • Blackula Jonez

    I let a guy borrow my dvd of City of God while testing meds for ohio state. When I got sent home early due to an erattic heart beat I totally forgot to get my dvd back before I left.


    I agree with Jarman though, Chael is either going to get wounded if he loses or get mauled during a riot if he wins.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Hey Ryan, “Wha happun?”

  • Letibleu

     Ask him what happened…