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Will Pettis and Cowboy coach the next TUF?

A little bit of news that many people overlooked coming into the mega monster UFC 148 weekend:

Now, according to a report by MMA Junkie, Pettis is being mentioned as a possible coach on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Pettis, who is recovering from shoulder surgery, could not confirm the rumor, but did say he would jump at the opportunity to be part of the reality series.

“It’s been mentioned by my management. They said it’s not necessarily in the works but is more of a rumor. If it does happen, I’m definitely going to go for it.”

Those same rumors have Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone as a possible coaching foe for Pettis, with the two locking horns later this year after being on the show.

It’s no Rampage / Rashad or GSP / Koscheck, but after so many seasons where coach enmity was the focus of the show it’ll almost be nice to have a season that focuses on the fighters rather than the superstar coach fight that’ll probably not even happen, grumble grumble injury clusterf*ck grumble. But if it does – Pettis vs Cowboy sounds like guaranteed fireworks to me. Now all the UFC has to do is find a bunch of exciting prospects worth giving up our Friday nights for.

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  • frickshun

    They should book all WEC washouts & call it the WEComeback season. You could get Torres, Varner, Shalorus, Roller, Njokuani, Curran…….wait, they’re all in the UFC? What the fuck, man!!

  • TheFlopPhilosopher

    Whats TUF?

    Is that a new rap group?

    Don’t the kids enjoy a nice Perry Como song anymore?

  • Reverend Clint

    id rather allow the coaches you know coach the fighters… all of them. Didnt they do this one season where they allowed them to go to both coaches/teams. Might actually be more interesting watching the coaches pick who they will corner.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    could be fun having someone who’s well rounded coaching the chum. 

    And Pettis too.

  • drunkenjunk

    how about another piss bet subo