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Will Rumble hit weight this weekend?

Because most people hear the name Phil Davis and still say ‘Who?’, the real excitement for this weekend’s UFC Fight Night card comes from a guaranteed brawler between Dan Hardy and Anthony Johnson. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Johnson in the cage – his last fight was that loss to Koscheck in November 09 – but we’ve seen plenty pictures since. Pictures of Johnson looking like he’s spent his time off eating nothing but KFC Double Downs and lard.

Since then, there’s been &feature=youtube_gdata” target=”_blank”>a video where Johnson no longer looks like he’s storing nuts in his cheeks for the winter, but for a guy who’s missed weight by 6+ pounds twice now, we gotta wonder what’s going on under that tracksuit.  For what it’s worth, Dan Hardy says he doesn’t give a shit what weight Anthony shows up at:

“I have no concern at all. It makes no difference to me. You can come in at whatever weight you want. I’ve spent the last seven weeks dedicated to fighting him, so it makes no difference to me what weight he comes in at. If he is heavy it just means he’s got more chin for me to hit. It might work out better.”

In fact, Hardy said, his main concern was that Johnson would be forced to forfeit a portion of his purse if he missed weight, and that would create something of an ethical quandary for “The Outlaw.”

“I don’t want a percentage of his purse if he misses weight, because taking a percentage of his purse and the win bonus, I might feel a bit guilty after the fight when I’m seeing him at events and stuff,” Hardy said. “I at least want him to take home his purse so I know he’s getting paid for the fight, because obviously I’m planning on the win bonus.”

Fighters don’t really need to be dicks about this themselves – the UFC is pretty hardcore about everyone making weight. Dana White has already threatened to stop giving Rumble fights at welterweight, and when the guy missed weight for the Yoshida fight it cost him a 60k KO bonus of the night. Who knows if Johnson will actually pull off 170 this time, but if he doesn’t at least he’ll get punished accordingly and then we’ll have a new force at 185!

  • frickshun

    Quotes like this are about the reason I like Hardy.

  • Omomatta

    I like Hardy because he has exciting fights. He even makes it exciting when he get’s KO’d.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    I always have to read Dan Hardy quotes picturing the Sherrif of Nottingham saying them.

    Also – there’s NO way that Johnson makes weight after a 16 month layoff. I’d bet just about anything on that

  • Omomatta

    “But Cousin…..why a spoon?”

  • CAP

    Definitely the fight I’m looking forward to most this weekend. Got a feeling it won’t last long.

  • Letibleu

    red rooster

  • Simco

    “Since then, there’s been a video…”

    God I love her.

  • Reverend Clint

    this makes like hardy a little bit now.

    “If he is heavy it just means he’s got more chin for me to hit.”

  • iamphoenix

    why did you post a picture of aries spears?