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Will Uriah Hall be the first UFC fighter to kill his opponent?

Uriah Hall’s shaping up to be one BAMF, so it’s getting to be almost an honor to get KOed by him.   While it would have been nice to see Clint Hester maybe give Hall a run for his money, turns out it was a lot more fun watching Hall deconstruct Bubba McDaniel and reshape him into Sloth.  Full fight is up on youtube (as of now anyway) and a couple of gif angles from ZombieProphet for your viewing pleasure:

[youtube NhaQpc3zhrg]

 Dana’s right: Hall makes it pretty awkward to cheer his victory when the loser is lying face down on the canvas saying “What’s wrong?  There’s something wrong with my eye… like… inside.”  Bubba was pretty gracious about the whole thing, which I guess you can be when you don’t even know what happened.  Carlos Condit, who showed up to watch his Jackson’s teammate looked pretty dazed at the outcome, and Chael assured Hall that he’d someday be a contender for the 185 belt.  Meanwhile, Josh Samman won his fight (via brutal ear boxing) and will be meeting Kelvin Gastelum, and Dana gleefully rubbed his hands together and offered up Dylan Andrews to Uriah Hall as the next lamb to slaughter.

  • Symbul

    Oh, TUF is still going on?

  • OlyReigns

    It kinda seemed like he pushes off first scraping the the eye then immediately punches him in the same eye.

  • OlyReigns

    It kinda seemed like he pushed off scraping his eye then immediately punched him in the same eye.

  • Gurthee

    Ya, this guy hasn’t even been able to really celebrate either of his wins for fear of having killed one guy and possibly paralyzing the other. Contender though? C’mon Chael. Let’s see how he does against some of the top 10 MW’s in the division before we declare him the second coming of MMA Jesus.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Exactly. Until he faces someone that isn’t terrified of being in the cage with him we don’t even know if he’s UFC material. Can he stuff a takedown? Can he take a shot to give one?

    Philip Nover looked pretty damn good until he had to swim with the big fish.

  • CAP

    Another “next Anderson Silva” i guess. More TUF hype.

  • frickshun

    I heard from someone who is part of TSK in NY that he “doesn’t go all the way.” Take it for what it’s worth but every week & hold my bref waiting to see who takes him out. Or maybe this guy was misled…..

  • frickshun


  • Kiki McGraw

    Frickshun is a man of his word.