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Will Wandy and Vitor still fight?

TUF coach fights have fallen apart enough in the past that it wouldn’t be a shocking decision by the UFC to simply move on with life and let the cancelled Wanderlei Silva / Vitor Belfort fight fade from memory. But you can’t deny it sorta undermines a large part of the appeal of TUF: the two coaches are supposed to fight. Saying “Meh, whatever” afterwards doesn’t exactly encourage fans to invest in the formula. So even with Wand losing this past Saturday, the UFC might still try to stage that fight:

Marshall Zelaznik, the UFC’s managing director of international development, said at Saturday’s post-fight press conference, which ( attended, that the promotion still wants to move forward with the rematch.

“That’s certainly something we’re working towards,” Zelaznik said. “No contracts have been sent or signed, but I think that’s in the plans – to try and make that fight happen.”

Or maybe it won’t. Here’s Dana talking to Karyn Bryant after Saturday’s event:

“It definitely won’t be against Wanderlei. Wanderlei just lost tonight. I dunno, we’ll see what happens. When Vitor heals up we’ll see what happens and go from there.”

When it comes down to it, I’m going to trust what Dana says over anything anyone else in the UFC (other than Lorenzo) says. Zelaznik is no Scott Coker, but if he says one thing and Dana says another, you know who you should listen to.

  • Reverend Clint

    maybe they should stop having the coaches fight and/or teams so these fighters can learn more and be better. Sure you wont have stupid challenges and maybe not as much cross team drama but its one less thing to go wrong.

  • ButtHorn

    “But you can’t deny it sorta undermines a large part of the appeal of TUF…”

    I actually always found the more appealing aspect of that match was as a replay of the classic first fight.

    Vanderlei never really got a chance to get off in that one, and then he got much better afterwards (and now worse again).

    I think they should still do it and it would still sell because of that.

    Plus they’ve got some sort of animosity from the impression that I got (without following it very closely).

    Thats 2 selling points.

    Chuck/Vanderlei was still fun and fits into any greatest hits collection even though they were both faded and years to late.

  • Letibleu

  • mobius
  • Letibleu

    Thats not anything. that is the poster Joe Rogan referred to that he said he could not show during the broadcast of UFC 147. I did not shop that poster, that was hanging during the entire card.

  • voice of reason

    wandy never got good, he just fought worse competition.

    if he fought vitor again he might not wake up this time.

  • Reverend Clint

    ^pride syndrome

  • voice of reason

    ^huh? read my post again. your post doesn’t make sense if u mean im a pride fanboy, cos i just called their longest reigning mw champ a can crusher. 

  • Reverend Clint

    no he looks good in pride against low level/shitty opponents

  • voice of reason

    ^ which is exactlywhat i said

  • frickshun

    ^huh? read my post again. your post doesn’t make sense if u mean im a gay pride spokesperson, kos i just called their longest penis not long enough for my butthole pleasures.

  • iamphoenix

    voice of reason forgot what reading comprehension means.