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Winner of Bisping vs Evans for #1 contender????

If aliens from the future were to come down to earth 6 months ago and tell me that UFC 78 would be headlined by Michael Bisping vs Rashad Evans, I would have considered them devious untrustworthy liars and sent them off to Area 51 for dissection. Considering that fact, I don’t even know how the fuck I’m supposed to react to this quote:

“Dana White, the UFC President, says that the winner [of the fight between Michael Bisping and Rashad Evans] will gain an automatic world light-heavyweight title shot.”

Dear Jesus cocksucking Christ. This must be some sort of joke or misunderstanding or mistake or SOMETHING. Forrest Griffin and Keith Jardine aren’t even being considered real contenders, and they’ve had a lot more success in the UFC than Bisping and Evans.

The idea that Bisping vs Evans should be for a title shot is madness borne out of the backwards thinking that a headlining PPV bout is either a title defense or #1 contender fight. Sooooooo because this joke of a fight is a headlining fight, then simple logic dictates that it MUST be for #1 contender. Heaven forbid anyone at the UFC just admits it’s a booking made out of sheer desperation.

Anyways, I have to pray this is some kind of mistake. I’m also open to the idea that Dana White let this idea slip during some kind of crazy opium bender. Either way, so long as this bout isn’t really for #1 contender, I’m a happy boy.

  • Zurich

    Well.. they’re both undefeatedish.

  • Thomas aka Cactus Jack

    Dana needs to stay off the Peyote

  • Teufel

    Rampage gets to keep his belt and knock out an undefeated fighter. Sweet.

  • Mr. Theplague

    Yeah, but remember all the upsets? Just imagine some horrible horrible nighmare of a fluke in which Bisping/Evans becomes lightheavyweight champ. Where would we be then!!?? Answer me!!

  • Cyrus

    Sorry guys, have to agree with fightlinker on this one. Garbage, pure garbage.

  • Soulrise

    I think Dana’s just saying this to make the main event seem less underwhelming than it is. Look at Okami/McDonald. That was supposedly going to determine the next #1 contender at middleweight but post-78 they’re saying that’s not so and in fact that they don’t even plan on re-signing Okami. Once 78 is over and done with my bet is that Dana will change his tune.

  • John

    yea i think Dana just wants to legitimize 78 as more than just a glorified fight night

  • Thomas aka Gina Carano’s #1 fan

    I think the promise of a #1 contendor spot might be a big ass middle finger pointed a tito from Dana
    Like.. HAHA motherfucker.. if you would have signed you might have gotten a title shot. FUUCCKK YOUUUUU

  • Throken

    As fun as it would be to see Rampage destroy Bisbing or Rashad, I would rather watch a less one sided fight.

  • jazzn

    hey Throken, you said it. It would be fun though.

  • hbdale309

    ZOMG!!!!??!! I was hoping Bisbing would just fade away into Bolivian, but instead they’ve got him headlining a card for an automatic title shot. Didn’t both these guys just, unofficially, lose their last fight?

  • Hywel Teague

    Its not true – I spoke with an insider at the UFC and its wholley not true

  • intenso

    this just in: Dana White wants to make, and not lose, money.

    I agree that the contendership picture is a mess but it’s not unlike boxing, really. The UFC has the hype machine to make any matchup look good.

  • bmiller

    What is the dealiiooo with HOUSTON ALEXANDER. Why hasnt the UFC signed SOKOUDJOU. I think that SOK might be the best thing. There is so much talent out there.

  • Boshy Claus

    Out of all the Serious dudes in the LHW, Dana’s punk ass picks these two chumps to be contenders. This is bush league psyche-out stuff. Laughable, man. I would have fucked you in the ass Saturday. I fuck you in the ass next Wednesday instead. You got a date Wednesday.

  • Asa

    Besides others stars either recouping or in training for other bouts, I think this is a way to get these two to actually show some value and/or effort.

    Rashad always shows a lack of effort/ability to finish the fight by KO or submission (killer instinct, as it were) and Bisping is too small for LHW and won’t move down to the desperately-in-need-of-name-recognition MW div. I think Dana gets a main event with name fighters in the eyes of the mainstream, and throws them into a pressure cooker (PPV sales pressure, main event, can they really perform) to see what they can do.

    If Rashad finishes, then he’ll have some public momentum going into a title fight, and possibly take Rampage to decision, in a bang-and-slam match. If he goes to decision against Bisping, he probably gets smoked by Rampage and goes back to the drawing board. Either way, we get Rampage against someone the fans like, who also happens to be from their media-friendly TUF.

    If Bisping can somehow get past Rashad (bigger and much stronger), he shows that he deserves to be in LHW, and that Hamill was a fluke. Then he goes on to fight Rampage and they talk some dope smack that gets fans amped for the fight between Rampage and a TUF champ. If he loses, he drops to MW and adds some TUF-star power to that division.

    I think that no matter what, this sets up some interesting matches that could make a little bit of money and push two fighters to finally step their game up to a world class level or fall the fuck off. It either sets them up to break through, or fall back and regroup for another day where they can be stars. I believe this is generally how you build up fighters: you give them a shot at something above them on the ladder.

    And as far as mentioning the killer instinct/finishing aspect of Rashad’s game, I saw the Salmon-Kick as a rare occurrence, and not indicative of any reliable application of a skilled standup game. I did, however think it showed a lot of potential. It was also pretty badass.

  • Frank

    lmao so they want to throw some feeder fish at Rampage? I’m down. Let him truly fight for his belt against wandy, keith or forrest. Glorify the champion!