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Women’s MMA gets classy

Hey look, it’s #1 shit disturber Ariel Helwani prompting a bunch of bitchy comments out of Miesha Tate and Cat Zingano about Ronda Rousey’s performance on Saturday night. Not that they needed him to pry it out of them. The way these two were talking, you’d think Ronda had just Machida’d her way to a terrible unworthy win rather than her 7th first round finish. Is this what we can expect after every women’s match? Fellow WMMAers talking mad trash, Mean Girls style? I am both excited and horrified.

  • mofu69

    damn these female fighters are so hot. id let them beat me up as long as they let me do them.

  • agentsmith

    Christ, those outfits make me wish I was colorblind.

  • CAP

    @DanaWhite please fill the octagon with #jello or #mud

  • mofu69

    god they’re so hot. cant wait to see them rolling around in the cage. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh