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Xtreme Couture bitchslaps Kevin Iole

Randy Couture’s blog has been abuzz the past two days with lots of content direct from the source, including:

Randy Couture writes about his ‘Hollywood Agent’

Kim Couture’s comments on her husband’s resignation

But my favorite blog by far from there has to be the huge rant against Kevin Iole’s ‘pissing match’ with Couture. Here’s some of my favorite excerpts:

It would appear you are either peeved that Randy (rather politely) singled you out for publishing numbers that were apparently unsubstantiated, or you are carrying water for Dana White – who has created a huge PR nightmare for himself by a.) letting this happen in the first place, and b.) making matters worse by turning it into a pissing match.

You neither reported the true intent of Randy’s message, nor shed any light on this senseless falling out. You simply itemized the various accusations and counter-accusations and wrapped it in a blanket statement that says something to the effect that: “athletes are all liars – they’re just in it for the money – move along folks – nothing to see here-.”

But instead of clearing up the discrepancy, you unceremoniously threw the apparently factual numbers into the mix with the old apparently un-factual numbers – offering no account for the gaping difference and no apology for what appears to have been pretty sloppy journalism first time around.

  • S. Jennum

    If Iole’s numbers were wrong, why didn’t they show Randy’s complete, signed UFC deal at the press conference, instead of unsigned, individual bout sheets?

  • ajadoniz

    because there’s a NDA which if he doesn’t breach than he will royally be screwed.

  • ajadoniz

    er, if he DOES breach*

  • dignan

    Man…I feel bad for Randy and his new wife.

    If someone doesn’t get to the bottom of exactly how many millions he has earned, I am going to get really pissed off and have to resign or retire as a UFC watcher.

    Who can’t relate to this? Thank the lord that they are allowing us to see how they struggle to survive, waiting for almost 3 months to receive that extra 300k bonus.

    I know exactly how they feel. When I was waiting for my 99.00 printer mail in rebate, AND the 199.99 ipod mail in rebate from the Apple Store so I could pay my bills, I also thought about breaking the contracts I had signed with the cable, phone, and utility bill. Even thought about breaking my mortgage contract.

    I am thinking about setting up either a donation program that will allow Randy and/or his wife to continue to keep their ego fully inflated at all times.

    Until that happens, I am going to give out the phone number I setup for them if they ever are feeling blue or mistreated.


  • Xavier

    They’re starting to make Jenna and Tito seem like a sane fucking couple.

    I thought it impossible. Wow.

  • Xavier

    Captain Truthful owns.

  • Mike Drought

    Iole i hope makes some kind of inpact on Couture because im just paying for UFC every month with a month by month salery and id hate to see this top guy go away. im not going to pay to watch one guy who is huge or even two guys fight each other for the same price that the UFC is showing for thier show.

  • S. Jennum

    Showing a bout sheet in and of itself does not prove Iole wrong. Without the actual contract we’ll never know.

  • Kris Karkoski

    My favorite line was tucked at the bottom of Kim’s article where there’s a picture of Iole and the line: “(Photo: a certain reporter seen at the Press Conference with notepad and recording device, he still screwed the story up)”

  • Tommy

    Screw Randy’s new wife. That is one photo op women if I ever seen one. Go back and watch just how much she is in the limelight, starting with the Silvia fight. (walking arm in arm with Gina Carano to her fights like they been together friends forever) I’d bet a nut she’s the root of all this. Go back and watch the Gonzaga fight. Before the fight she has to walk hand in hand with Randy everywhere he went, after the fight she ran into the cage and tried her hardest to get her face on camera and talk to Randy, Dana and them. In fact they all completely ignored her and that is what got her going here. She’s pissed because someone didn’t report what they told him to report, fuck her that’s life. I find it funny how all these tough guys get handled by women.

  • Tommy

    I hope he does let his contract expire without fighting his last two fights. It’s a breach of contract and if Randy ever fights again after that the UFC will sue, period. What, he thinks he can let it expire without fulfilling his end and there will be nothing they can do about it? Keep listening to that bitch Randy.

  • Atom

    One thing is clear from reading the previous comments.. no matter how many times Randy says “It’s not about the money”, plenty of idiots will not understand how that can be true.

    (#’s 4,5,& 10… I’m talking to YOU)

  • Tommy

    Hey Atom..Randy says ‘It’s not about the money it’s about respect but how do you show an athlete you respect and appreciate him?’ Hmm by a hand shake and a job well done? By giving him a title shot right out of retirement? By having him as a commentator at every event he wants to be at? Come on tell me a Randy grip that’s not about money. The straw the broke it was how much he ‘read’ they offered Fedor. Sounds like money to me but what do I know.

  • kermit_01

    dignan– loved the post.. :-p

    Atom– yes please answer Tommys question, how exactly do you show Randy Coture more respect than the UFC had if money isn’t the issue. For it not being the issue, its the only thing, including Randy himself has been talking about.

  • Tommy

    Randy hasn’t said one way the UFC can fix the problem other than better compensation. A Gonzaga bonus. Yeah I don’t understand how us ‘idiots’ can believe this has anything to do with money.

  • Ted Dibiase

    who can believe anything dana white says? seriously. the guy lies about any and everything. and if the lie is too big, he just makes iole say it.

    when dana white talks shit on these “little mma blog sites” hes basically shitting on all us who like to talk about mma without paying the ufc 30$ a month to use their gay ass members only chat rooms.

    i was originally happy when the ufc bought out PRIDE but now im pissed. dana white wasnt able to (but now says he doesnt even want to) sign fedor or josh barnett. remember when barnett TKO’d Couture? prolly not, Dana doesnt want you to.

    yeah sure thing dana, you dont like fedor. i wonder why. you monte cox smoker

  • Xavier

    His own webmasters dumb blog said it’s about “respect… in the form of money.” It’s about money, dumbass, all business disputes are at heart.

    I remember when Barnett beat Couture… on steroids. You’re a goof.

  • kermit_01

    A wise man said people only fight over 3 things – Women, Drugs, and Money.. :-p

    A few months ago a 14 year old shot a 15 year old in the face, in the Triage area of the ER I work in. When the police questioned the kid why he did it.. He said the kid ‘disrecpected him.’ Turned out it was a drug deal gone bad. Respect is a funny word..

  • budoX

    … it seems XTremeCouture blog has taken down those posts …

  • Tommy

    I was just gonna say that budo.

  • Xavier

    They only took them down because Captain Truthful was on the job.