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Xyience is good … a bit too good

Oooh, some interesting fallout related to Sean Sherk’s steroids appeal:

Seven tests totaling $3,000 were conducted on supplements Sherk took before his bout against Hermes Franca (Pictures). One such product was the Xyience-branded “Xyience Xtreme Joint Formula.” Five capsules were analyzed according to a report supplied by Don H. Catlin, M.D., president and CEO of Anti-Doping Research, Inc.

“No anabolic steroids were detected in four of the capsules,” Catlin wrote. “In one capsule 1-androstendione was identified.”

It’ll be interesting to see if this grows legs and causes Xyience any problems. God knows, all those stories about Xyience fucking over fighters for sponsorship money haven’t seemed to affect anything.


    Off topic but is that Jeremy Horne reffing the Rothwell Vs Fat Boy fight?!

    PS Your invites been sent, use it within 24hrs!

  • Tommy

    Could it have been planted…like after the fact?

  • ajadoniz

    I’m pretty sure they have to test new, unopened containers, ordered from the exact lot number.

  • Mr. Theplague

    If this is true, I’m buying my first xyience product. You guys should sample this stuff like you did with the drinks.

  • Swedish guy

    Good thing you got FL an invite, tigertao, i’ve been thinking of inviting these guys for a long time, and after the latest low blow it just became unbearable to hear them rant on bad quality DL:s of japanese fights.

  • Thomas aka Rafael Trujillo

    I’ve sampled a friends NOXCG3 by Xyience. I had to piss every ten mins. after I worked out.

  • Rich Bergeron

    The following link explains some of the major issues Xyience has been having with their product since day one: