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Yahoo now in charge of online PPVs

Back in the good old days of ‘Not giving a shit’, I used to just download UFCs a day or two after the event. However, since I’m now ‘in the industry’, I figured it would be pretty hypocritical of me to continue stealing from the companies that I’m making a living off of. Daddy Dana already thinks of us as parasites as it is, so nowadays I buy the PPVs online and watch them like that.

Of course, it always drove me nuts that I had to pay the same amount as Joe Sixpack did on his fancy dancy telemavision. After all, there’s no PPV network assraping the UFC on rates here. There’s also the fact that the stream wasn’t exactly crystal clear. Maybe if you jizzed on crystal and then smudged it all up and left it to dry in the sun for two days. But that’s about as close as I’d say it is to crystal clear. So why the hell am I stuck paying the same amount to watch this on my laptop?

Anyways, I’ve accepted the fact at this point and all I can hope for is improvements down the road. So I’m cautiously optomistic about the UFC’s deal with Yahoo to stream their PPVs from there. Same ass rape price, but with better quality? Yahoo did a sorta good sorta bad job with the Strikeforce shows: image quality was good but the aspect ratio was all fucked up. But who knows if that was their fault or Strikeforce’s fault? I guess we’ll find out at UFC82 if this is a step forward or a step backwards.

  • jd

    Well, on the site — they give an option for 1200kbps. Not too bad for streaming. As long as it doesnt lag on their end.

  • Fightlinker Jackal

    Ripoff. This doesn’t make sense unless you can’t buy it through your cable company. They should’ve lowered they’re pricing online so they could leverage their margins with the cable companies.

  • Captain

    Two questions:

    1. You actually make a living off of this?

    2. Where do you live that you don’t have a cable company that offers UFC on PPV?

  • Jackie Chiles

    God intended for us to watch one thing and one thing only on computers: porn.

  • fightlinker

    mma is kinda like gay porn :-p
    And i don’t get ANY cable whatsoever :-p

  • smoogy

    Yeah, that FREE, 1200k Strikeforce stream wasn’t really up to par. I mean, I know it was about the same quality as the MPEG rips that leak out afterwards, but nowadays anything below 1080p just ain’t cutting it.

    Stop being a choosy bitch.

  • fightlinker

    Well of course it was the same quality as the rips, they were RIPPED from the stream. My issue was with the aspect ratio, it was all fucked up. I’m not a big quality hog (except when it comes to porn where i’m just not down with pixelated clam), but I’m always down with getting better quality stuff

  • smoogy

    Err what I meant is, the Yahoo stream looked like an MPEG rip of the actual PPV on TV, in other words, very very high fidelity for a stream.

    I honestly don’t remember any aspect ratio problem. Was it squished or stretched?

  • fightlinker

    squished :-(

  • Sauce

    Linker, I didnt know where else to post this because I dont post on the forums … but there is a new MMA movie coming out, seems like it can be better than that piece of crap Never Give Up.

    Called RedBelt … saw a lot of Couture in the trailer, but hes not fighting.

    Thats the link to the trailer.

  • moogy

    Smoogy has man-boobs.

  • pauli

    step one: find friend (training partners are good for this) with a huge ass tv.
    step two: spend the money you would have spent on some lame streaming ppv on the real fucking thing, on a real fucking tv.
    step three: download the 720p rip on sunday anyway.
    step four: monday, download the undercard.

  • Rich Bergeron

    Yahoo won’t save you, UFC. People will always see you for free :)

  • Shrikesh

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