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Zuffacare covers pre-existing conditions now

Smacks of socialism to me! Via MMA Payout:

The Sports Business Daily reports that the UFC will expand coverage of its health care insurance for its fighters to cover pre-existing conditions.  The move will increase Zuffa’s premiums by an estimated 60 percent. It’s not known how much Zuffa pays for health insurance for its fighters but White indicated that its upwards of $1 million.  The news came at the start of the UFC Fighter Summit.

Well that’s good news for a lot of fighters. I figured it was worth giving it a bit of attention since most of the news surrounding this year’s fighter summit has to do with several of the kooky corporate speakers and how many fighters were bored out of their skulls through the entire process.

  • Reverend Clint

    keep your government hands off my medicare!

    now chael can be treated for megalomania

  • TheFlopPhilosopher

    Well as long as zuffa isn’t forcing everybody else in the world to pa for it,
    and the UFC roster are actually providing a service then I don’t have a problem with it.

    I don’t see the connection at all.

    Lets send all the octomoms and violent immigrants to Canada.

  • Garp

    The photos of Jon Fitch look like what I look like when I watch Jon Fitch fight (I know. I know. Too easy.) 

  • the_beast

    Actually it smacks of pure Capitalism to me.  Look at it this way, they want to attract top talent from around the world.  Give them some incentives, decent pay, exposure, great healthcare, and better and better people will come knocking.  You want this talent to put on the best show possible, you want them healthy and ready to show up when they are scheduled.  You give them healthcare and assure they are taken care of.  To me it is the best form of selfishness, they are protecting investments, while spreading good will.  I guarantee that they aren’t doing it out of the goodness of their hearts.  And the reasons why don’t really matter, either way they are doing it. 

  • Reverend Clint

    i kind of wonder if all these shitty cards and 10 replacement fights are in response to fighters calling it quits earlier now that they dont have to pay for their own medical bills?

  • voice of reason

    Clint you’re probably right. they used to fight injured cause they need money for bills, but now insurance will pay for it.

    the_beast, capitalism ain’t as bad as the 99% would make you believe you know. plus, little known fact: the ‘great’ free healthcare of europe came about  beacause they wanted the population to stay healthy so they can fight in (world) wars.kinda like the ufc really

  • frickshun

    Little known fact: I don’t know a single little known fact.

    PS: I love Dana & Zuffa…..if they could pay me six figures I would work for them in an instant. AN INSTANT!!

  • iamphoenix

    is holding up stupid signs a job?